10 facts and 5 minuses of Xiaomi Redmi Airdots.

Each earphone is only 4 grams. Black color. Minimal dimensions and already familiar design. Finally, a physical button instead of a sensor. And this is redmi airdots. But is everything as good as it seems? Tube 209 

Hello everyone, you have no benefit on the channel and today, as always, I will briefly, quickly and succinctly tell you about the most popular bluetooth headphones in the economy class in the world at the moment. And this is not PR. It is a fact. There is not a single YouTube channel about technology that did not tell you about how cool they are. And at the beginning of the review - I will do the same. Well, in the end I will tell you about their five major shortcomings. 

And I am sure that those who have these white friends are constantly buggy, fall off and lose touch with each other, fully on the Internet. And I’ll raffle off these headphones on June 30, the conditions are simple as ever, repost this video and indicate the link to your social network page in the comment. 

And logically your page should not be fake. And now 10 facts about wireless headphones, redmi airdots, so far only good:

1) Packaging - economy class. Given their price - for me, more than worthy. You do remember how ultra economy can look like. So this ultra economy is better than any of those that I met.

But the whole box after shipment can not wait. I have not seen on the Internet the whole package of data headphones. And even mail to bloggers sends them in a very sad form.

2) The price is 15 US dollars. And no, they did not surprise me, there are headphones and cheaper. And kiu si wai and anomoebats. And even blitzvulfy fiya three, which I recently bought for the same price.

So hold the applause for now. Cheap but pretty standard. The market has all been dumped for a long time. And of course - this is the price of Ali. Our outburs are trying hard to sell them for $ 40. Link to the purchase of ears in the description of the video. I was sent them only from the third time. And accordingly the third seller. Hype however.

3) Blue tooth version 5.0 Bluetooth works pretty stable. Connects quickly. There is one big BUT in work. And I will tell about it further in 5 shortcomings. And since the module version 5.0 for the money is pretty good.

4) Matte plastic. The most cheap, like the headphones, and the charging box. But the performance is of high quality. The assembly of headphones, like boxing is good, no backlash, the magnets on the box, as well as on the ears themselves are good. Boxing with one hand does not open. Headphones without effort out of the box do not get it.

5) A physical control button on each headphone instead of a sensor. And this is good. No random clicks.

6) Included are 3 types of ear cushions and there will be no limit to your surprise, but there is no cable for charging the box. Here is a saving. Even 10 cents on micro yusbi redmi sorry.

7) The sound is clear and loud. Straight very loud. On my P 20 pro headphones use the CBS codec, on the AAC iPhone. Inside each of the headphones installed 7.2 millimeter emitters, and it is quite decent for such sizes. But there are serious drawbacks. I will have them further. And even metal can be listened to in them, although at a volume of more than 80 percent, porridge is read, and not sound. Although I am sure that many will like it.

8) The headphones have an intelligent DSP noise cancellation system, and make no mistake, it has nothing to do with the noise reduction of the world around it.

This squelch uses your DSP microphone - this is a sound processing technology that allows you to reduce background noise by up to 35%, while maintaining clarity and clarity of the transmitted voice.  And not really for me, this technology works. Not that price for a high-quality microphone in wireless ears. You can record any microphone tests, but this is my review. And my subscribers are already aware that the microphone in cheap ears cannot be good. Petlichka even be more expensive. And this is definitely not an attraction of unprecedented generosity.

9) The processor in the headphones Realtek 8763 and it is not cheap. And this friend eats at 80 percent of the volume of the ears in 3 hours and 30 minutes. Which is pretty good, considering that the battery of each headphone is 40 macs, and the box of 300 mache, the ears can be fully recharged 3 times. Accordingly, full autonomy goes to the stated, and this is about 12 hours.

10) Double tap to call the voice assistant. One tap for on and off. Indication of the charge of the case on each of the headphones. And you can not switch tracks as well as change the volume. Yes, and no one promised. You can use one at a time, there are microphones in each headset. You can answer with a call to a call, switch with a double tap between calls and reject it. There is no delay in sync test. And basically everything. But I will summarize later. To begin with, my version of the flaws that are not so easy to live with using these headphones.

1) Turn on automatically, but not turn off. Tested several times. As long as you do not turn off the headphones with a physical button, or do not put them in the box, the headphones themselves do not turn off. And this is pretty serious anyway. 

2) Minimum functionality. Yes, you can live without changing the volume with tapas, but the lack of the ability to switch music by pressing is already too much.

3) Headphones are noisy when playing sound. And not only me. If you reconsider a few small bloggers, you will hear the phrase “extraneous noises are heard” in many, not only when switching tracks, but also when playing music and video. And this is mega sad. I am sure that not only I have such a problem. Who else can hear such noises or not, please write in comments. I hope this is just my audio sensitivity.

4) Cheap and crazy brand plastic case and the headphones themselves and it does not matter the first two days of use, then it will be impossible to enrage you. Everything is very tactile, not pleasant and very quickly getting dirty.

5) At a volume of over 80 percent when playing, both from the phone and the computer, porridge begins. Low frequencies are more than enough, but medium and high are ordered to live long.

The depth and width of the scene is not enough. And I heard quite a lot of headphones in this price segment with better sound quality. Xiaomi sacrificed quality for loudness.

I summarize today that everyone is free to choose what is important to him and whom he trusts in this blogosphere. Is it worth overpaying for a brand?

Probably worth it, moreover, you can always resell these headphones at cost and very few people turn their tongues to say that there are extraneous noises, porridge instead of music, and poor plastic. From the fact that some earn on sale, while others are attached to the beautiful for a penny in their opinion.

I will get 1000 likes, I will make a comparison with other state employees. Do not forget about the competition, you want a bracelet with these ears repost review. The following review on children's smart watches xiaomi.

And the stream will be on Monday about how and where to buy goods cheaply. Add to VC, FB and telegrams. Device yes or no no good will give the answer! Thanks for viewing the good and good luck to you dear friends.


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