Shiny - doesn't mean vulgar I 10 facts about Whizzer TP1 ears

 Million search queries on a monthly basis. Let in my opinion these the gags are slightly fanciful. But snapping them up like hot pies. 10 mm driver in plugs still need to be found. Tube 287 Hello everyone, you are on the channel no good. And considering how many TVs each headphone is unloaded day to market, I buy them, testing and ultra fast telling. And today I will tell you about the ears that I wanted to buy for more than two months now but did not buy because of the high prices. Price fell, I ordered. AND now these are impressive contraption unpacked on your screen. 10 facts about ears Wizers TP1 TWS, I love short names

1) They have such packaging. What even insert this item in the review is not a pity. And these are not praises. A statement of fact. Cardboard looks expensive everything is located inside reasonably. Damage can not be expected.

2) Kit. Here, someone is lucky. But in general, everything is standard. Instruction Moreover, there are two sets of them. Headphones, box, charging cable, ear cushions, while in total five pairs. And I could say for what they but I will not - in my opinion opinion ear pads immediately need change and this view is shared not one hundred people in comments. Well, those who are lucky still the case is sent as a gift. But after the price drop like I noticed all these people less.

3) Boxing. And here immediately quickly about appearance. Oval shaped charging unit. At the same time, I’ll cover quite comfortable headphone feature which not everyone always uses. Before going anywhere, boxing is not necessary. Four and a half hours sound enough with my head, and the ears themselves can be turned off clicking on the sensor and then also include. So elementary life hack distraction. So about boxing. It fits in your pocket easy. Made of soft touch plastic. Withstands small drops. When shaking does not open. From it is insanely difficult poke out headphones and with custom ear pads It may not close. On the block itself with the inscription of the company, and to my endless joy is charging he is from a cable sipe cable. Has a diode charge indicator. Function buttons he doesn’t. Size 45 by 16 by 25 mm. Battery at 450 Mach on board. In the ears themselves, 55 batteries swings in each. Three and a half reloads enough. The case is charging approximately in 2 hours, like headphones inside of it.

4) Current price acceptable. 59 dollars with coupons really buy cheaper than 50. Sell ​​by reference in description to the video, reviews are almost a thousand. I feel real. By the way, who is not signed subscribe. Like, subscription, bell and koment you every 2 weeks, automatically and always become a member fitness bracelet mi band 4. Full terms in description to the video.

5) Protection against water IP X five. Rain and sweat in the gym ears are not afraid. I ran in them, did not die, from the ears did not fall out. In a glass of water in this I will not throw - sorry for the ears.

6) Bluetooth version five zero. And this time even tell nothing - in the best traditions expensive devices. Connects quickly, interference even in the wifi network area not. Tested on the bike by the city - hissing, dumps and found no other charms. Although in the reviews a couple of people speed bicycles complained of interference with riding. But this is probably in very large cities. Through two walls, ears are caught.

7) Headphones. The same soft touch plastic. A lot of brilliant. Even more than funky ah it was. But it’s easy to search. Given that the driver is inside crammed just huge by the standards of plugs, and here for a minute it is 10 mm - dimensions in ears, respectively, more than decent. Here you can with Onor Fribads two visually compare. There is a LED in the ears, which located on the inside parties and doesn't bother surrounding even in conditions complete darkness like you already understand he burns when working constantly. Headphones are closed form factor and surrounding from what you are losing nothing will be heard. Sound guide from the back it is covered with metal mesh, and on the side - has special protrusion for better retention of ear pads, basically that is pretty standardly.

8) Management - sensor. Do not love him. Although after the first day use wanted to name its perfect but not. Once out of 10, it also bugs. But generally more or less adequate sensors to me rarely come across. Briefly - hold - turn on or turn off the headphones; single press - pause; hold for a couple of seconds - next or previous composition as well as response on the call. No frills out of change there is no volume through the ears. From the pros, we can distinguish what the sensor is triggering only if finger completely covers pad.

9) from AAC and SBC codecs. AAS Works much better. The sound is many times cleaner than sbc. Automatically turns on it is he, the microphone is mediocre. Not to say that bad. But also not to call good. Shumodavov is absent in it. Passive noise reduction fulfills well. There is nothing in the train is heard. About the microphone, everything is standard. Here you have a test indoors and on the street.

10) There is no noticeable delay. Connect as I said ears are lightning fast. Low and mid frequencies as with the whole gag at a good level. High in the background. Vocals here listen on special pleasure. High volume sound issued without possibility highlight something. Briefly - the sound for plugs worthy. Many tools are contraindicated. Transparency in sound is not enough. I summarize today by that in spite of the fact that I liked these headphones they are not without flaws. Headphones at 100 volume quite often choke, use one at a time not allowed. Separately use internally just the right earphone. Left alone not only cannot be connected separately. But even when both ears are tied in your phone if right earphone place play boxing left separately will not be. If you put the left earphone the right one will work. He is paired with the boss. For decent sound ear pads are needed under you. Pretty mediocre a microphone for that size. But at the same time, realtek a bluetooth chip that does not give Clippings even when you put phone in the back pocket or a backpack, very cool juicy and voluminous bass. Volume which can help you go deaf and more than hype external view. Sometimes at zero volume background noise is heard. Soundproofing good one. If you still browse the headphones of this company, but of other models, and there is also protection against water in with IPX 7, write in komenty - obligatory I will buy. 

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