1979-2018 Mustang NITTO INVO Ultra-High Performance Tire (17-22") Review

The Nitto Invo will be an all-around, ultra-high performance tire that will combine performance, comfort, and low noise with one of the most unique tread patterns in the category. The Invo here is an asymmetrical tire, meaning, it will not be directional and can be rotated in the traditional fashion, extending the life of the tire itself.

Your sizing will be as follows: 17 to 22 inches in diameter, with section widths ranging from 225 on the narrow side, all the way down to the massive 345 on the wide side. As always, guys, your pricing will vary depending on your size, but expect to spend between 130 bucks all the way up to nearly $600 per tire for the 20-inch version of the 345. Now, I still remember the very first time I saw an Invo on our S-197 project blackout. I said to myself, "Man, that's a cool-looking tire." And I would say that the unique appearance or tread pattern of an Invo will be the first thing that grabs your attention visually.

Now, according to Nitto, they designed this thing with a modern luxury sport car in mind, where staggered fitments are the norm. And I don't know if I necessarily call the Mustang a luxury car by definition, but that doesn't mean this tire won't be a good addition to any Mustang out there, in fact, quite the contrary. This is actually one of the most popular tires on the site with a near-perfect rating and a ton of positive reviews, so go ahead and read up on those a little bit more if you want to hear some more real-world feedback from other Invo-equipped Mustangs out there. But, with that whole luxury performance aspect in mind, Nitto used state-of-the-art computer engineering to help design the Invo here, more specifically, that tread pattern, to ultimately come up with a nice balance of low noise, performance, and ride comfort.

But, don't get it twisted here, guys. The Invo is still categorized as an ultra-high performance tire, and the extremely soft compound will certainly represent that. But, just how soft? Well, going to the UTQG rating, the tread wear is coming in at 260 for the W-speed rated tire here, and the Y-speed rated Invo is even softer at 220. Now, both the W- and Y-rated tires show the highest mark in traction and temp at a AA and A, respectively. But, let's go back and talk about the tread because, again, in my opinion, one of the most unique features with this particular tire. Now, your outer blocks over here, or your outer shoulder, is going to be made up of larger reinforced tread blocks, which will help with both your dry traction and your cornering performance, aiding in turning and things like that. Your inner shoulder on this side, also going to help increase your contact patch, increase your traction, in addition to your braking performance, and just make for a more stable tire overall.

Now, this is all according to Nitto, and again, this is an asymmetrical tire. Despite that whole outer/inner talk, it matters how you mount this thing, but it does not matter how you rotate it. You can rotate it in a traditional sense, which will ultimately help get a little bit more life out of the tire itself. But, getting even more technical with the Invo, here's what you're looking at, 3D multi-wave sipes. What's that mean? Well, it's basically these little lines here, which will help provide better wet traction and performance, along with these two massive grooves running the circumference of the entire tire, which will help, again, promote better wet traction, in addition to these smaller grooves built into the tire as well. And then, you have that fancy computer-engineered stuff, but more specifically, the varying size of the tread blocks themselves, which, by the way, according to Nitto, will help keep that road noise to a minimum by reducing the frequency that's otherwise caused by repeating the same-sized tread block over and over again. And judging by the reviews on the Product page, again, read up on those if you haven't already, that technology seems to be working rather well. A friendly reminder for you guys here watching this video, you can grab the Invo on a number of our pre-assembled wheel and tire kits, which we'll mount and balance them for you for free, in addition to shipping them to your door free of charge. Now, 2007 and newer owners out there, don't forget to grab those TPMS sensors, and depending on your wheels, a new set of lug nuts is never a bad idea either.

So, wrapping things up, if you're looking for a great-performing summer tire that can hang in the wet while also providing great road manners at the same time, the Nitto INVO would be an excellent choice

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