20 Fashion Anti-Trends That Might Ruin Your Look

We all want to look stylish and try our best to learn as much as possible about the trends to keep up with the rest of the world. But in addition to this, you should also pay attention to the anti-trends to avoid wearing them and ruining your outfit. Here's a list to watch out for and to save you some time and your fashion icon reputation!

1. Jackets and coats with faux llama fur

This item of clothing has been trendy so long that now, wearing it puts you at risk of being out of style. This fur looks too cheap and gaudy. Besides, it's hard to combine it with other clothes, which makes these jackets and coats pretty impractical. It's better to choose classic clothes like light trench coats, tweed or wool coats, or leather jackets.

2. Fishnet tights

Ok, ladies, let's agree with one thing once and for all – fishnet tights look outdated, not fashionable, and, well, simply inappropriate in all situations. Unless you're stuck on a deserted island and need something to catch fish with. Although, there has been a recent trend to wear them under ripped jeans and pull them up high enough to make them visible. But – thankfully – it's time to forget about it and go back to traditional monochrome tights.

3. Swimsuits with lacing

During previous seasons you've probably seen just how diverse and bold beach fashion has been. Fashion-conscious women wore swimsuits not only with intricate lacing, but even with glitter. Even though those pieces look amazing, especially on tanned skin, the trend has changed. Now the rule is – less is more. That's why you should look for simple swimsuits in solid colors without any decorative elements.

4. Torn jean shorts

You might love them and think they're the best choice for summer, but truth be told – those torn mini-shorts won't make you look stylish anymore. The same goes for shorts with different decorative elements, glitter and other things like that. Their days are gone for now. If you want to wear something more trendy, choose mid-thigh loose shorts made of solid cotton fabric with minimum decorations.

5. Bandage dresses

Highlighting your curves way too much isn't trendy anymore. That's why it's better to say goodbye to these dresses. What's more, bandage dresses are really uncomfortable because they're usually made of thick fabric that restrains your movements and sometimes even breathing. If you feel like wearing something to accentuate your feminity, you should go for casual, loose dresses made from natural material. Just put a belt on your waist and a laid-back but attractive outfit is ready!

6. Backpacks and waist bags

When it comes to accessories, there's no denying the fact that backpacks and waist bags have been on top of the trendy list for a long time. They're really comfortable and have the power to give that cool vibe. But, unfortunately, they're quickly becoming outdated. Classic structured bags are on the rise again. As well as bright clutches that can easily liven up basically any outfit.

7. Chokers

I know that wearing them makes you feel edgy. Plus, they highlight the beauty of the neck and go with pretty much everything. But it's better to leave them behind and move on. Next time you shop for necklaces, pay attention to delicate golden or silver chains or a cute silk scarf. Or you can borrow a pearl necklace from your grandma since pearls are making a comeback on the trendy list.

8. Cold shoulder tops

These tops look so alluring (especially together with chokers!), but are almost gone from the catwalks of famous fashion designers. Now, if you feel like accentuating your neckline and collarbone, you should opt for pieces with V-shaped cutouts. You can also use more trendy items made from transparent fabrics to show off your shoulders.

9. Clothes with patched elbows

Turtlenecks and jackets with this kind of decoration were extremely trendy a few years ago. But let's get real – they don't actually make you look better and might even make you look messy. So, leave those items at home. To replace them with something, try classic jackets and turtlenecks without any patches. You’ll look more put-together.

10. Leather pants

I bet you feel like a real rockstar every time you wear them. But if you're a fan, then you probably know how sweaty your legs get under that typre of material. Luckily, leather pants are finally out of fashion, so you can put them in the farthest corner of your closet without any regret. Try replacing them with black denim pants that'll give you the same slimming effect.

11. Skinny jeans

Stylists and designers no longer think that tight jeans are something you should wear if you follow fashion. Besides, let's be honest – they just don't suit everyone. Depending on your figure type, they can look pretty unflattering and emphasize imperfections; which is something you need to avoid at all costs, right? Now, most fashionistas go for the so-called mom jeans that are high-rise and loose.

12. Embroidery

Embroidery as a decorative element can be found basically everywhere – on shirts, jackets, skirts, and dresses. It's been a really useful option for those who want to add life to an ordinary outfit. However, pieces with embroidery are not considered fashionable anymore. I guess it's time to explore some other ways to make your outfit more vibrant. For example, choosing a bright color or unusual cutouts.

13. Too much leopard print

This print made a pretty successful comeback, but some people got a bit carried away, wearing it on floor-length skirts, fur coats, and leggings. To sport leopard print the right way, you should never forget that it's much better to make it a bright detail in your outfit than the main part of it. Try to choose small items like a scarf, handbag, or sneakers with leopard print. Just don’t wear them all at once!

14. Floral patterns

They're still everywhere, from underwear to outerwear. Clothes with floral print really look adorable and suit most people. But wearing such items now might just be a fashion mistake, because most famous designers refused to use floral patterns in their most recent collections. There are many other unusual fibers, designs, and colors, so you have a lot of options to choose from. Don't be scared to experiment!

15. Coat-dresses and tight outerwear

These coats do have their advantages because they highlight the waist, making the outfit really flattering. But the problem is that they look good mostly on petite women and look a bit weird with skirts or dresses. As of now, tight coats and any tight outerwear in general have become outdated. Straight designs and even oversized ones will be more favorable, because you can easily combine them with skirts, jeans, and dresses.

16. Poncho

If you own this item, then you know just how cozy it is! It's really perfect for chilly weather. Besides, ponchos make ordinary outfits unique. But now it's better to give it away to your granny, since stylists believe that ponchos are really unflattering when it comes to body proportions. It makes you look bigger and hides your waist even if you wear it with a belt. A fitted suit with high-rise pants and a double-breasted jacket is a way more stylish choice.

17. Oversized scarves

They protect not only your neck, but shoulders as well from the wind and cold. “What's so bad about them?“, - you might wonder. The thing is, they usually misshape natural body proportions. Your upper body looks too bulky, especially if you wear fitted pants or a pencil skirt. There are other ways to stay warm and cozy that make you look more elegant. For instance, try a turtleneck sweater.

18. Back zipper pants

Many women love them thanks to their original design and the focus on the hips. These pants really look interesting. But they’re definitely far from being comfortable. Besides, this trend has become popular way too quickly, which is why it lost its popularity so fast. Also, these pants might be inappropriate in some situations. So, let’s just go back to good old classic jeans that allow you to notice if something is wrong with the zipper.

19. Mirror glasses

Oh, how fashionable they've been for many seasons in a row. Almost everyone either has them or wanted to have them. If you're from the second group, then you'd better update your wishlist, because they don't belong on the trendy list anymore. You should try ultra narrow or geometric-shaped shades instead. Sunglasses with a top bar are also popular now. However, don't forget that the type of shades should match your face shape. If you're in doubt then choose simple black oversized shades because they're a timeless classic.

20. Bell skirts

They're cute and make you feel like a real princess. But this trend is losing its position. Today, soft flowing silhouettes without too much splendor are in fashion. You can either go for fitted pencil skirts or a loose midi skirt with an asymmetric hem.

The list of items you can combine with them is endless – crop tops, blouses, sweaters, and so on. Now it's time for a little confession – which of the items on this list do you have in your wardrobe? 

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