10 facts about Xiaomi Huami Amazfit Health watches

Hello everyone, today I will tell as always briefly to you and capacious about amazfit smart watches half watch which some called amazfit beep 2, because of their similarity with the first beeps. And they really are insanely similar. And now 10 basic facts about this device in ultra quick review, and be sure look, otherwise you’ll decide buy

1) Pack as you noticed just top. And this is, as always, extremely nicely. You can and then on the shelf put, let it show off.

2) The price is more vigorous than all vigorous - namely, 122 US dollars. And I would say that for functionality this device is just mess.

3) In form - a copy of amazfit beep. Only slightly more pot-bellied. Dimensions, 42 x 35 x 12.5 mm, weight 25 grams. The strap is slightly changed but the material is long exactly 245 mm by 20 mm in width. Adjustable length 78 mm.

4) Bluetooth 5.0. Connectivity options no sensors, downloads music and headphone connections not.

5) There is a PPG heart rate monitor, a pulse considers permanently watch on it theoretically can detect arrhythmia - And immediately a spoiler. On all measurement data in advertising on the site there is stars with links that all readings taken hours are exemplary not medical. PRO COMPETITIONS

6) There is no GPS module. They can’t track the track. 6 axis accelerometer in availability. But for swimming it is not useful. Help call function sudden fall, namely this is their special chip. If something happens to you hours via NB-IoT protocol should call for help. They won’t work for sure in the CIS countries, and even together with this there is a mark that function may not work.

7) Screen transflective like the first beeps. 1.28 inches, 176 x 176 pixels, with such same framework. Case Material - Polycarbonate and stainless steel. Enough for ECG put on the watch, activate function and second hand press metal watch rim portion to hand, wait a minute and enjoy the saw. Her you will be analyzed. How much detail and who depends on what free pass you buy. But this is not a detailed review, Yes, and this is not particularly important. You remember that testimony even according to the statement of manufacturer exemplary.

8) The clock in the menu can - take pictures your ecg for 60 seconds, count pulse constantly, count your steps, adjust its brightness and vibro. Receive notifications from those programs that you choose. May be an alarm clock. But there is no dynamics in them. Have a search function phone. And you can’t reject them call at the moment information who is calling they are not displayed, while vibro when calling OK. Vibro atomic alarm clock, but smart yet.

9) The clock only works with the Amazfit Health program. AT I found her only 4 pda, or you can download Her from the Chinese play market. There is a program on ice too, but only in a Chinese store. The program itself is almost completely in English. English watch not at the moment, that's it in Chinese. Connects standardly through a QR code. You can put in it all information about his health starting from anthropometry, ending with chronic harmful diseases habits and other ailments including allergies. Messages from programs come in Russian.

10) Protection against dust and moisture in hours ah pi 67. As the manufacturer writes you can even take a shower with them. But I would not risk it. Although my attempts to drown did not succeed. Steps watch in transport don't count.

I summarize today by that anyway those  doctors with whom I talked about withdrawing ECG with this device reacted to this technology skeptical. For me it was strange footnotes in advertising that the manufacturer allows for not triggering hours in case of sudden fall owner to call for help, and it doesn’t matter what in our countries this will not work. And even less pleasant is the indication that the data is not medical. And maybe I'm not right I interpret what they wrote there. But at the moment so. Like a toy, the product is useless. Like a medical device especially. If you are a fan - for the collection can buy from the link in description. And do not forget to subscribe per channel - once every two weeks for like a bell and any koment, you can win one of my band's bracelets four. 

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