15 facts and 5 disadvantages of OnePlus Bullets Wireless 2

Wireless headphones but not tws, because between them lace. 10 minutes charge to 10 hours, but only from the native charging. When connecting with magnets pause the music but only with phones van place. There are many pluses, but also munos enough. And if you say that they ideally only with the prefix "nearly" Tube 289 Hello everyone, you are on the channel No benefit today, specifically for those who decided to fork out and buy top headphones lace-up van place bulets 2, I will tell you about them as much as possible briefly fast and capacious. And as always the most interesting will be at the end.

Let's start, 15 facts and five disadvantages

1) Ultra Premium Box. And it’s nice to give. And unpacking is interesting. It looks as colorful as possible expensive and branded.

2) set - instructions, warranty booklet, ears, three pairs of interchangeable ear pads, mini charging cable and silicone Bright carrying case. Which in my case smelled some muck about days. It’s unpleasant when in such product smell chemistry.

3) the price is top-notch. Van Place recommended yourself as a top brand and breaking now top prices, 27 numbers as you can see the price will be 93 dollars with taking into account delivery. Which is not insanely expensive, but definitely not cheap. At this price, TVS headphone sell pretty much.

4) ear pads as I said here just three pairs, and quite strange that as in the first there are no sports here ear cushions. And when running long distances they would really help. The quality of the ear pads is good.

5) Form factor as you already noticed the headphones on the cord. So you do not confuse again I remind you that these are tws headphones. And between them is a wire.

6) Autonomy is 14 hours. 600 Mach battery. With a ten minute charge The battery produces 10 hours of sound. For a full charge it is necessary charge only 20 minutes and get 14 hours but for this must be used charging that supports Warp Charge standard.

7) Form factor charging - type si. Moreover, the entrance is not covered by anything. Which looks pretty weird. But in the first bulettes there was also user problems this was not.

8) moisture protection is, but she is not categorized according to IP rating. You can not be afraid of rain and sweat I checked.

9) Weight is only 33 grams. On the neck they are not felt at all. When running on the collarbones, do not they beat. Enough lace namely 84 cm. On any neck will look very neat.

10) Management is carried out through the remote. Increase decrease volume switching songs, answer the call. Pause and play. On the left block there is also function button to switch between paired devices. And diode charge indicator and connections.

11) all codecs only there is, and here is the attention APTX HD, but there’s no AAC codec, packed headphones in full. ears support connection to multiple devices. All buttons are mechanical rubberized. And this is very good. The sensor is always bad.

12) The ears themselves have three drivers, which provide enhanced low frequency sound that I didn’t really notice. Each earphone has two balanced driver - anchors for working with medium and high frequencies and one dynamic driver for work with low frequencies. Briefly - two "reinforcing" drivers and one dynamic emitter. They look like ordinary ears wire plugs on the lace. Mounts by type, fins as I repeat in the first bulettes - not

13) microphone. My opinion is pretty good, with a working noise reduction. A little worse than the second freebags and airpods, but pretty high quality. Here are some examples. work .. ... Not perfect, but good.

14) Bluetooth version five zero. There is no delay. The color is only black with red inserts. I Ears Material ... . Unlike the same standard huaveev frit whose quite a few flowers second bulets only one.

15) The volume is of course unlimited. The detail is just perfect. Unrealistic for such forms mid and high factors frequency. The sound is very similar to maize pop is only louder and richer. No clippings, rassinhrona which is not surprising after all headphones on a cord, or interruptions in work even in crowded places with great number of file files not.

And now 5 simple flaws

1) For such a price is very mediocre bass. He is not terrible, but even redmi $ 15 airdots shakes bass with the best overdrive. And here the bass is clear and clean, but not dense enough. And I think this is the main minus

2) excellent sound insulation, but the active noise here no, at 80 percent volume even sit under the fighter, nothing will be heard. But those around can just great listening your compositions and conversations.

3) sports component. With full-time ear cushions even with the correct size when running closer to 10th kilometer ears will fly out. Yes, and twist the scrap and work not on horizontal bars. Laces are all like that. I will fly out.

4) special functions as a charge in 10 minutes only possible with original charge fan place with function ..... A setting function on pause when pecking headphones due to magnets it is possible only with van phones place. Headphones with other phones when magnetizing will just disconnect from the device.

5) Instant coverage the dust of the headphones themselves because of the same magnets. The ears themselves are immediately covered greasy stains though quite quickly and easily wiped. And shoelaces for that kind of money it is certainly strong. They are not TVs at all. YES and with apple devices ears do not work very well.

After all, there is no AAS codec. I summarize today just - in its segment wired headphones for this price on this moment is one of the best options. I'm for checking at this price segment bought more headphones huvei on a lace. Classics are a pleasure to listen to. Sound, comfort and aesthetics on high. Personally, I really liked microphone work. But like any device these headphones are not without disadvantages. The next review will be on tvs hayo headphones. If you have questions - write I will answer to everyone. Subscribe to become party to the mi band 4 which is held on the channel once every 2 weeks. Full terms in description to the video. There is no mat on the channel. Minimum 3 reviews per week and one stream. Device yes or no good no will give an answer. Thank you for watching! Good luck to you dear friends!

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