G-Shock from Xiaomi

I was recently asked review on a montan watch. I went for a simpler the way. You know, wait for the shock. Xiaomi made a remark on them. And it’s clear that they are not themselves and their sub brand is Twenty Seventin. And it’s clear that they are not the first - here and Kasio copied them and a sea of ​​Chinese brands. But I'm a fan of xiaomi. Tube 301 Hello everyone, you are on the channel no benefit and here only fast and capacious reviews. And since most of mine goods starting from sneakers, bracelets and headphones have in itself an electronic stuffing, I decided to take a break and this time without numbers thesis I will tell you more than 10 facts about a not-so-worthy cue Jishokov from the Twenty brand Seventin.

And I have something to compare - my friend wears the original this particular model. And if not for the strap the difference between them there would only be in the head. Start over. Watch box reminds metal boxes from good tea. Nothing cool, albeit pretty peculiarly. Imagination while unpacking striking in the first place instruction which is fully in Chinese. And half by poking, and half with Experience watches are customizable pretty simple. All controls as well as settings time as standard as possible. All buttons work. Time to set is very simple and besides arrows like you already noticed in the watch there digital panel which it is configured separately from arrows, but also simple. Only buttons, not the head. Time may show both at 24 and 12 hour digital format marked AM and RM. Watches for sale at a price about $ 20 plus minus two dollars including shipping. You can look at reviews by the link in the description. It’s rather strange for me but who bought this unit citizens are extremely positive they are talking about him. Two colors to choose from and two diameters. Usual loosening do not remove the strap by the way. Anyway, I have It didn’t work out.

The diameter of the choice of 50 and 54 mm. I bought on my brush 17 cm diameter watch on 54 mm. It looks like it was intended - very strange. Alarms are set, clocks are very nasty. And extremely standard. Do not oversleep for sure. No vibro, bluetooth wifi and other smart stray not in them. Maximum backlight only and numbers. Weight with strap 72 grams. And they are almost not felt on the hand. The length of the strap from the version 250 mm, El version 255 mm. ES strap thickness 17 mm and 18 at El. Where to buy straps and how to replace them I have not the foggiest idea. The strap is made of ABS plastic, combined with high strength glass of the watch itself. Of course there is a stopwatch and protection against water at 5 atmospheres. Shockproof properties stated but how much they are vast - it's a mystery covered in darkness. Although I definitely have them enough with a margin. There is nothing to summarize today. Such a thingy know name can be bought for 10 dollars easy. Well, if you want a replica ji shock from xiaomi - these watch I advise. I dropped them 20 times. For all that is possible. For hours, if only henna. On channel at the moment headphone draw wiser tp 1, and every two weeks among subscribers a raffle mi band 4. 3 video review and one stream per week is stable provided. Add to all social network I will be glad to everyone. If you like such a bezifrofoy format - write in the comment. Your opinion is important to me.

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