Electrolux EMG48200L review

The situation of life. Imagine what you need to wash the kit manually dishes - 10 items. What is there - it seems to be easy! And if you multiply by 14? ... When there is a dirty mountain in front of you 140 items - confidence smaller, huh? I think everyone through this took place now distorted: it's an hour and a half time a lot of power and in the end liters per 200 water. And here the dishwasher the car. 30 minutes, 10 !!! liters of water, total hryvnia for electricity and ... plus an hour and a half free time. All this about the dishwasher, which I’ll talk about now.

This machine is from the Swedish Electrolux brand, which this year marks 100 years old and she really Holds as many as 140 items. It’s clear that not everyone serves etiquette table, in reality there will be fewer, she will be wash pots, baking sheets, pans and all that. But you catch the point it has a lot and it is detailed thought so that the loading was as much as possible and washing efficiency was maintained. There are three baskets in the car, each of which is divided into zones and dozens of landing places At the very bottom is sophisticated sprinkler with double rotation. With powerful pressure he pulls out to all the dishes on the bottom basket even if it is placed not by feng shui, but by ambulance a hand. Everything becomes here too. bulky. For example, the same pan upside down to the sprinkler beat right where necessary.

There is also a spinner on top. If the plates or the pan tall and keep her from spinning upper basket calmly rises even if it is already loaded. Well, if the pan, for example, this basket can be generally taken off. And finally, the third zone - she is elegantly disguised under the ceiling if possible put it that way. Called maxi flex and with such naming, I agree - the thing is really flexible in terms of settling with spoons, forks, ladles, nimbuses and shoulder blades - depth allows. It's like a hostel, everything is tight therefore not to get confused “What-where” there are clues - it's comfortable. Special attention is worth Glass Holder for glasses.

There are cool latches in which leg easily passes and then holds firmly. So, we found out - there are a lot of places, it is thoughtful and easy fill-up. What's next? The machine is refueled with salt for dishwasher degreasing product or rinse aid so that the dishes dry without white streaks from the water. And now only remains to ask her an operating mode. All touch controls, moisture resistant and touches me, as it is called - “quick select ”or“ quick select ”. Genius in simplicity. No, no kidding, I like it, when black is called black and white is white. The choice is really quick - a simple slider that you set the washing time. Then you can add several options, for example Voice Kip - again, basic English explains why it is to protect glasses from a sharp temperature drop. With this option, the minimum washing time 45 minutes. There is still, again obvious, Extra Paver for especially difficult cases. In this mode, amplified washing intensity and increases the water temperature. With such a function, the process it takes at least 50 minutes. Finally, the delayed button start, up to 24 hours. The wash can be programmed for a night or even for a while being at work like option to return to already clean and dry dishes. Function can be safely use because firstly, the machine is fully protected against leakage, and secondly, at the end programs she herself ... drum fraction - opens the door 10 cm for natural air circulation and drying. Mistresses did it anyway and then the fellows decided everything automate. In addition, understand that clean dishes can be two-color beam on the floor: red - still washing, green - already done. No need to peek.

There are 8 programs in total 3 temperature conditions and Auto button. Automation is like this. Count the dishes and whisper in Swedish inside the camera - 20 plates and 4 forks are very dirty :) Okay, for this there is a pollution sensor water and auto detection the amount of dishes. In general, all by herself! Starts parameter selection and dishwashing time. At first it will help understand and, so to speak, fill your hand. As already said, the fastest mode fits all in 30 minutes and consumption figures water and electricity i not taken from the ceiling. In the user guide there is such an informative a tablet where everything is painted. Yes, it can be very dirty 14 sets of utensils machine and not master in half an hour, but look, even almost in 3 hours it consumes around the same 10 liters water and only 1 kilowatt energy. So if necessary, let watering her there any number of things that personal time is saved and this does not need to be done hands - do your thing affairs.

Regarding energy saving, then the merit of the inverter brushless motor by construction. He is still a bonus and very quiet - 44 dB. So not only are the mountains the dishes are not in sight so also there are no these sentinels cymbal ringing tones forks and vice versa. You embed it and forget it symphonies like a nightmare. In width, it is not narrow - 60 centimeters, this is a full format, therefore, so roomy. But there is a little comforting moving moment guides for which no need to cut in basement. What are the disadvantages of this wonderful car, making life easier? As such, I do not see. For someone, probably the price. Then let everyone decide himself, is it worth it or no. Well, the need for care also. This is not a minus, for any technique need to be looked after. So sometimes you need to spend time to clean the insides and run on a special system chemistry for descaling. What the machine itself will ask when the time comes. Actually and everything else some pluses.

Write how you like this unit and share your experience use dishwasher cars, if any already exist. How convenient and convenient how much time and effort did you save? 

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