Alienware R17 2018 Review

Hi guys! This is Pao. As we can see, 2018 is a trend that most companies are prone to build a thin, light but powerful gaming laptop. Such as the MSI Stealth GS65 that I just recently reviewed. The new Razer Blade that was was unveiled a month ago including Asus Zephyrus last year model with a tiny size, but equiped with GTX1080 Max-Q, which is insane. But the downside of this kind of laptop is that. Their laptops are powered by Max-Q Design GPU the one that is underclocked the speed meaning that the speed will be lower, compared to a typical ones for the trade of optimal power consumption and thermal solution But there is one player, who still stands for the tanky size gaming laptop without compromise in power and gaming experience. Alienware from Dell Aleinware R17 One of the most powerful laptop in the market it comes with GTX1070 Full fat, not the Max-Q one, and Intel Core i7 8750H Gen 8 along with a gigantic 17.3 inch screen that contributes to its large size But what are the Dopes and Nopes for this guy, as opposed to those thin and light gaming laptops? And is it worth it for your money?

Let's check it out. I must admit that the design is straight up Fantastic and it looks damn premium most of its materials are alumimium which is somehow exceptional when comparing with other laptops making this stand out from the competition It is also durable, whether on plastic or alumimium, giving this like a tank Therefore, when hitting on screen or keyboard, there is no such flex around its form factor better than its competitors in this category. But the big disadvantage is that it is so heavy and thick It weighs more than 2.5kg (4.47kg) So, it is so painful to carry this around. Another downside is that it is too big for normal bagpack I tried putting on my big enough bagpack , but I did not make it Due to its size So, for those who travels a lot or needs to carry the laptop often. This is probably not for you. But one reason that it has so much weight is mostly due to the material quality. So, i could forgive for this if that gives me the best quality I mean, look at this it looks and feels so amazing.

Now let's look at connectivity On the right side, it gives us one USB 3.0 On the left, it comes with another USB3.0 and one USB C 3.1 along with one Mic and Audio Jack On the back, there's a bunch of ports Ethernet port, miniDisplay port, HDMI Thunderbolt 3, including a proprietary port. For External Graphics Enclosure exclusively for Alienware If you have one, you could increase graphics performace and lastly, charging port. Keyboard is pretty decent it gives sufficient key travel that feels comfortable when typing in a long session But the layout is kind of outdated I feel like it is not in 2018 So if they change the design a bit I think it would be more awesome It provides a numpad though so if any of you takes a benefit from this this is a bonus. However, one major disadvantage is that even though it has RGB customization it still sticks with the zone lighting which means that you are limited to the different zones not a per key RGB, like the MSI Stealth which I think it fails from the competition. But if they will change to improve this, I believe this will stand a chance.

Trackpad is something I can describe as "unsatisfactory" Because Even though it contains dedicated Left-Right clicks the software that it uses is Sypnatics not a Windows Precision Driver giving this an unpleasant accuracy. Another one that is a deal braker for me is being not able to use multitasking on the trackpad I personally use Trackpad a lot But with Sypnatics, I am always annoyed by its unstability when I tried to swipe up with fingers sometimes it works but sometimes it does not So I ended up with switching to Precision Driver Therefore, for those who wish to use this trackpad, I suggest changing the driver This needs to be improved Next, let's look at the screen which is a main feature for this laptop Aleinware is equipped with 17.3 inches 1080P resolution 120Hz Refreshrate and the color accuracy is outstanding which will benefit content creators who require this standard a big bonus is that it has G-Sync which will give us a buttery smooth gameplay and prevent screen flickering

So, whether you are doing content creating or gaming this will get you covered With these specs, you don't need to worry about its performance Alienware is designed specially for gaming Therefore, whatever game you throw to it, FPS, TPS, Openworld or any kinds of game it is able to handle above 60 FPS for most games This game comes with Intel Core i7 8750H GTX 1070 Graphics card not the Max-Q design 16 GB of RAM DDR4 and 512 GB SSD Next, let's talk about thermal and loudness management One great thing about this laptop is that it keeps cool all the time For instance, this Alienware has 3 paths to cool the heat which are at the back and the left and right. So, whenever you play demanding games which require an intense graphics performance it never exceeds 90 C degree you can use this for a longer gaming session Another thing is that when I play games on a typical gaming laptop it always produces fan noise For example, if you look at the Razer blade and MSI Stealth from the previous video they both are so loud But with this laptop, it is pretty silent like when I was playing Batman It kept quiet But I would like to just show you how it performs.

The battery is adequate Dell provides us a 99Whr battery which is the maximum for the laptop If they gave us more than this, it would not be allowed for a flight So you can expect the massive capacity But it can last up to 5 hours for a single charge and it provides up to 1.30hrs gaming session, depending on the game you play so, don't forget to keep this charger with this size with you Because this laptop requires a lot of juice and this is 240 watt charger so for gaming, you should bring this with you Okay, now let's conclude whether it is worth your money or not for a starting price 1861$ If you are the one who carries this all day and uses the laptop on the go with you Obviously, I don't recommend because This is too heavy and far away from portable I tried. I carried this around the campus I gave up on using this for school But if you are the one who wants to replace this with desktop that is, using this for working, gaming, content creating or you don't want any compromise of performance like Max-Q laptops and if you want to have a silent machine with this price point, this is a great option I recommend for this category Okay this wraps up everything about this 

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