Galaxy Note 10 - Interesting Color Options, Benchmark Leak and more

So you should know at this point that there will be two versions of the Galaxy Note 10. A regular Galaxy Note 10 and a pro version of the Galaxy Note 10. We recently learned that the Pro version of the Note 10 will have a 4500mAh battery which is a significant increase compared to last year. Today, we have another leak showing us the battery capacity of the regular Galaxy Note 10. As you can see the model number of this battery matches perfectly with the Galaxy Note 10 and it shows a battery capacity of 4300mAh, which is 300mAh more than last year's Galaxy Note 9. It's impressive when you consider that the regular Note 10 will have a 6.3" display smaller than the Note 9 but will have a battery capacity of 300mAh more than that. A powerful battery was one the most heavily marketed features of the Galaxy Note 9 last year, and perhaps Samsung will follow a similar approach in 2019 as well. So we have a benchmark leak that tells us the resolution of the Galaxy Note 10. It's HTML5 benchmark test which reveals the Note 10 will have a resolution of 3040 x 1440 pixels, That's 19:9 aspect ratio for all the Galaxy Note 10 models which is same as the Galaxy S10 models. That's hardly a surprise we knew this ages ago but what we don't know is where the display holes are gonna be? Some rumors suggest it's gonna be at the middle some suggest it's gonna be at the sides just like the Galaxy S10. I've seen a lot of your comments that you don't like it in the middle which I kinda agree. A single hole looks good in the middle but not so sure about two holes. In this photoshopped image at least, it doesn't look good. So I hope Samsung doesn't go on this route.

We also have rumored color options for the Galaxy Note 10 courtesy of mysmartprice. They say a trusted source informed them that the Note 10 will be offered in 5 color options at launch. Black, White, Silver, Red, and Pink. They say Samsung may add additional colors later on. So yeah, there will be a plethora of hues to choose from, but as always, it's just a rumor so take it with a bit of skepticism for now but rest assured I'll keep you updated on the latest so consider subscribing for that and as always, I'll see you tomorrow...Peace out! .

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