How To Create Your First Google Ads Campaign In Under 10 Minutes

I'm going to show you how to set up a Google ads campaign in under ten minutes hi I'm Sam fields from matter solutions and today we're going to explore the setting up of your first campaign and how to do it so that you've got some clear and usable data in the future first things first have you chosen the best keywords for your campaign we've got a number of links in the description to help you do that so check them out first so I'm actually going through this on my laptop now if you see me looking down that's because I'm following along with you as we opened the Google ads campaign and then click on the campaign tab on your left and then you'll see a blue button with a plus sign in it if you click on that you'll notice that there is a new campaign option and click on that and we're underway Google gives a variety of different options such as sales leads website traffic product and brand consideration brand awareness and reach app promotion or you can create a campaign without a goals guidance it's at this point that you'll see search display shopping video and app has different options we're choosing obviously search today and then we're going to get website visits I'm going to put YOURWEBSITE into that we've chosen website visits and phone calls as our primary results that we want from the campaign once we do that we hit continue and then we name our first campaign I like to call them the first T campaign because it is a three t refinement method approach I also like to at this point in time take off the Display Network the Display Network we will explore later on from here I also like to put in my location targeting and where I'm looking to target the campaign it's around here that we get to put in our budget our daily budget for the campaign you need to figure this out a long time before you get here but a daily budget is what you're telling Google that you want to spend per day on this campaign right now we're going to get into bidding strategies for your campaign I have done a video on this before but today we're just going to show you how to choose a manual CPC as there are many benefits to doing this as explained in the details below after choosing bidding Google has actually put a really cool feature where they put the call extensions sitelink extensions and other extensions right there in when you're building your campaign I actually like to do it just a bit after I built the campaign as it allows me to put the structure in place first and then make decisions based off that structure this is setting up the egg groups I set up my egg groups by Core keyword and as you can see on the screen right now the core keyword is also the name of the AG group that we're putting it in and it keeps the data really clear and concise and available for your use in the future here we add our keywords using broad match modified phrase match and exact match and then you can add your default bid which is the maximum that you'd like to pay for that click I've done my research on these and I've had a look in the keyword planner and can see the average cost per click for this keyword and so therefore that's what I bid or a little bit more in order to be in the top positions from here we get to write our ads this is the fun part and in these ads your core keyword should be in your headline the reason being is it helps your quality score through increasing your click-through rate which can also help you reduce your cost per click your second headline should be enticing and should be about your product or service the third headline should include some sort of a value proposition whether it be special offer or free delivery or something along those lines the display path is almost like a mock URL that allows people to see your view of what the link that you're going to land them on is actually saying so in this case I'd put the call keyword and then the second part might put a value added or an easy identification that that service is on that page with your descriptions always make sure that the landing page is reflective of what you're writing in your ads the reason for this is because you definitely want to have people who trust your brand from the moment they touch you which is your ad text through to the time that they land on your website also it's a really good idea to have some sort of a call-to-action on the descriptions at this point we've created one ad and we can move on to creating two more it's recommended that you do do two more and the reason being is because you're able to test different messages and also see exactly what's going on so now that we've created our ads we can save and continue and that's our first egg group which is our first core keyword from here it's time to set up extensions for the account now Google's already put the call extension in for us so today we're going to set up sitelink extensions I've actually already set up a number of these extensions earlier on today so I'll be using the existing but we can go through and have a look at what they look like as you can see you can put a link direct to your Contact Us page you're able to show other services that might be relevant to your current customers who are on your website and you can also put in an about Us section or anything like that that you think might be valuable to your client from here we're going to set up call-out extensions these are extensions that again I've set some up earlier on but they're things like specials or other info such as value add services we're also going to do structured snippets these structured snippets they're similar to the call-out services but they also require a header type there's numerous other extensions that we can explore in the future but for now I'd like to show you exactly how Bob's set up his campaign and how he focused on red roses and yellow roses in order to maximize his results as you can see Bob has created a first-tier campaign and called it first tier Bob's florist Bob set up two AG groups one of them is for red roses and the other is for yellow roses within those AG groups Bob set up red roses using broad match modified phrase and exact and he also set up in the yellow roses the same deal but for that keyword and for Bob's ad text he wanted to use something very emotive so he wrote the reddest of red roses quality long-lasting roses and that he was your red roses that was all in the headlines and that's a great start for the display path Bob also put Bob's florist comte you slash by your red roses slash at Bob's florist and then Bob's description is fantastic because he says that they are fresh they're sourced from rich soils and I picked at the perfect moment and he also gives an understanding of how many you can buy and gives a very special particular type of arrangement that whet your appetite for the future now you know how to create a search campaign like comment subscribe stay tuned because we got a whole heap of optimisation coming up in the future .

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