How to fix your iPhone Headphones Audio Left-Right/Stereo Balance (PROVEN) (w/ subtitles)

Let's fix your headphones! Let's fix the left-right balance on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch There are many things you can do Because of this, it is important you watch this video until the end! These solutions work with wired or wireless headphones and many sound systems Please press the like button and subscribe with notifications There are many ways to solve your problem, so let us start I really want to know when this video helps, so please leave a comment If you need more help, also leave a comment This way I know what the next video should be about The first thing you need to do is look at your headphones Check the right and left text label on the headphones Usually this is indicated by the letters L and R They are imprinted or molded on the earpieces or frame Rotate the headphones or earbuds in the light in order to see the letters It's funny but it can happen to anybody Many people wear headphones the wrong way for months and even years Some headphones have wrong labels, try wearing them the other way Some headphones do not have letters This is easy to solve Put on the headphones now and listen to both earpieces I will play the following text on only the left and right sides this should be left - this should be right What you should have heard is "this should be left" on the left side and "this should be right" on the right side Was the sound on the correct side? Check the left/right direction You can label the headphones yourself For example using tape and a marker Simply write the letters R and L and tape them to the earbuds, frame or cable And for big headphones, you can user colored rubber bands I like to use red for the right side blue for the left side Go back to check again or use one of my long sound tests The links to these tests are in the video description Again, please remember to like the video if it helps Tell us in the comments whether or not we could help yet and continue watching Next, plug in the headphones in properly Plug them in firmly but DO NOT USE FORCE Many people don't know that there should be a click sound When you plug in an audio jack, listen and feel for that click It is easy to check whether you plugged them in correctly Try to pull the 3.5mm or quarter inch audio connector out Does it come out without any resistance? If yes, then you need to push harder Did that solve it? Next, let us find out whether the headphones or the iPhone, iPod or iPad are damaged Use a different pair of headphones with the same device Do different headphones have a different left/right stereo image? If yes, then most likely one of them is damaged We will talk about fixing headphones in a moment If you cannot try different headphones, use another device with the same headphones I will plug my headphones into another phone Then, I will listen to the same video or music If it sounds the same, then most likely the headphones are at fault However there is a slight chance that both devices have the same issue I recommend testing with a third device as well For example a PC, a laptop or a sound system.

If there are no other devices or headphones, let us continue but I recommend you ask a friend for their headphones or phone to test You could even go to a store to test there Are your headphones out of balance? There are many ways to solve this Some of them work surprisingly well If warranty applies to your headphones, return them You will get them repaired or replaced Years ago I used to buy a certain model of headphones by a certain brand but they would break after a year Each time I returned them, I received a new pair for free Another way to fix headphone issues: get them repaired This makes sense if repairing is cheap or the headphones were expensive An electronics technician friend would be great if they can fix the headphones for free or cheap Alternatively find a company that fixes tech You can also try to repair the headphones yourself check my description for a video Be warned that you might end up destroying the headphones instead! If the phone has the problem, you can still try these things Does the Podcast you listen to or the video you are watching have wrong sound mixing? Again and again I see videos with audio issues again and again I wonder "did my headphones just break?" Watch another video or listening to a different track to check If your iPhone/iPad/iPod audio jack is broken, you can switch to wireless a wireless or Bluetooth headphone set or a Bluetooth adapter can be the solution If you have warranty on the phone, you can get this fixed as well But make sure you this video until the end first You can also try repair services Repairing a phone's audio jack is very risky though Especially if you have to remove the display screen I bricked one phone once when trying to fix it What if there simply dirt in the audio jack You can carefully clean it with a cotton swab or a toothpick Be very gentle or you might make it worse I tried fixing mine this way and made it MUCH worse - I'm serious I had a problem with my phone and tried to use force when cleaning the audio jack the sound issue became worse as a result. So be careful. Now this is a lifesaver for me: change the output balance mix in your iPhone's accessibility settings I was convinced that my phone's output was broken on the right but when I moved this slider by 99% to the right, it started working You can also set audio to mono if your sound is very directional but you only want to use one ear piece then enabling mono is the solution for you Another thing you can do if only left or right works: use a special cable to only listen to one side You might want to combine this one with the mono setting You will also likely have to turn the volume up Let me know which trick helped you solve your problem If your sound still does not work, please write a comment Write as many details as you can: which phone model do you have? which headphones are you using? what is the sound issue? have you tested it with other devices yet? have you tested it with other headphones yet? We just might find a solution for you in the comments! Make sure to subscribe and enable notifications! Thank you for watching! Ciao! .

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