How to get Davinci Resolve 16 and 15 on the same pc

hello Claus yeah and welcome back to yet another video it's so lovely to have you back here at the channel in this video I'm going to show you very quickly how you can have DaVinci Resolve 16 and 15 on the same computer so I already did it on my laptop here and I'll show you very quickly how to do that so you can if you're doing client work and you feel that DaVinci Resolve 16 is a bit too unstable for you you can do all your client work in 15 and then have fun and learn all of the new features in 16 so without further ado I'll talk you how to do that right now so let's get right to it let's go okay so here I'll just talk you through how to get DaVinci Resolve 15 back if you did install 16 so first off you'll need to go to your C Drive and then to the Program Files and then to black magic the sign and then you have your resolved folder here and as you see here I already did it self talking to what you're actually going to do you're going to have one folder here which will be the resolved one and then you'll just push ctrl C and control V to make a copy of that and as soon as you do that the computer will ask you for administrative permission and of course you will just say continue to that I have already done that's all just cancel that and now you have a new folder which you are just going to rename into whatever you want next thing you need to go go to the internet go into Blackmagic designs home page in the products DaVinci Resolve and one of the new things here actually now you can actually download 15 from in here and not only 16 beta so anyway download the version you do need if it's the free version or the beta version and with that it's done you're going to go back into your download file and of course here you are going to got to install this and it will pop up and tell you that there is a newer version opt it into yourself and you need to uninstall your gun after you've done that and installed again you'll see I hand down after two maps and here I will go down to the X file here I have one resolve and that 4:16 and here I do have 15 and what I then did was I just made this a major shortcut to this one put it on the desktop and call that 15 as you will see right here I'll just open 15 I'm very fast and here is 20 resolve 15 running on my PC here and then of course you could if you had a backup of your database you could restore that and use that as well I don't have one on this PC doesn't really matter that much because I also have a being a computer I use so if I push the other icon you'll see I have the studio version 16 and the public beta anyway this was just a super quick video on how to get DaVinci Resolve 15 and 16 on your PC without losing any of the versions anyway I hope you found this video useful if you did please hit that subscribe button give the video a like share with your friends if you think it will help them out and if you want to be notified every time there's a new video on the channel please hit that bill I can down in the corner until next time keep filming keep learning and keep sharing .

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