Nokia 4.2 | Are buton cu LED și Android One | Unboxing Review

Hello internet and we'll find it On our YouTube Channel Today We will be a little We're going to have a quiet moment For our friends From Nokia Why Because I just discovered it Covered that under And he suffers very much A little while They are very sick Nokia and It started to To suffer from the syndrome I mean, it takes phones on the market that have no idea Telephones phones do not understand what they are It happens, though Nokia 4.2 is a pretty good phone from my perspective Many might have a different opinion But let's open the box and Let's see what we find in if I do not know why I have the impression but this box is heard like a jelly box And fortunately it does not have Android jelly bean has Android Pie Android One is an entry level phone Which is on the market somewhere At 800 RON At the time Which we do What I had A phone Entry level to midrange but Rather entry level Interesting phone and I was pretty naughty if you do End of Liviu's Find her place in the market please let us know Because There were too many phones and And in turn Forget everything Do not forget to subscribe and activate notifications And then it enters the Slash giveaway to enroll in the contest The jelly box ie Nokia 4.2 It's a box as much as possible Strips with a slider box Nokia logo on the front on one side we have the model With Nokia 4 Point 2 Information from the manufacturers and on the back are Some details and phone picture Android 9 pie even though it is an entry level phone comes with the latest version By Android 5.70 and 1 inch HD plus 19 on 9 in Displeiul 13 megapixel Flash 2 megapixel dual camera This time I'm not I'm fooled this time It's really a dual camera With an 8 Megapixel camera for selfie, a 3,000-pound battery A button for Google Assistant Curved glass fingerprint sensor 2.5 d And a snapdragon processor 430 And we have the phone between a plastic wrap With A drawing with Google Assistant With arrows that point to me That I have to push Why Because We Have One Button Dedicated here And in the part of I'll leave it momentarily Now and then Here in the right box as it would come From the side of how we unload a charger is a very charger Very small It is So small that it fits in the fists In the palm 5v one amp So it is not Very fast But it is small portable And very easy to lose if you do not care with needles We still have A data cable Loading Micro USB this time of So we do not have a USB type Tipsy You need to do this Aside Stay here a card Empty carton What the key for the Filmuri And finally Very very very much Waste cellulose Such as introductory notions Assets and product information Things You Can Easily Access In phone format Digital now Let's look at Tele Phone Sedum it Foil down He's showering that phone What I eat is eating directly Hundred 61 g He feels frankly easier than he is I was expecting Even if it is Plastic has a design Very nice Personally, I like it very much It gives you the feeling of premium phone now Four years When the phones were still made of plastic No more Four five Five years have been The latest generation of flagship phones that were made of plastic Your shirt often The sensation on the frame is From the plastic on the face we have a stick Glass Sell curved glass 2.5 d according to Box When Glass design 2.5 d So we need to Spectum as much as possible Let's look back because I really like my back The phone even if it is a fingerprint magnet we have the two cameras flash Nokia fingerprint sensor Right here we have Android One logo And some inscriptions from the manufacturer On the side of From the front we have di Displeiul Wood chin the phone of the 9 we have A Nokia logo At the top We have the speaker grid for calls The sensors are hidden In the frame In part this Black and of course we have one U Shape Drop Spot Drop Noci We have an eye that just listens to the selfie camera and so we do not have a classic eye On the left we have Button for Google Assistant And the drawer he sees See What kind of drawers is it And it is not a hybrid drawer it seems that the supremacy of the hybrid drawers has sunk hope Be a New Trend On the right side we have the power button What is it All around Dyed in white Or better say it It is another transparent and And I'll show up right away Why the two volume buttons At the bottom we have Speaker grille for a hole for the main microphone Change the wooden plug Microusb mentality And finally at the top We have a 3,5 audio jack And a microphone is Secondary for calls Now let's talk a little about the phone and And how he feels in his hand Personally, I really like it if it is It is made from Plastic This one Margin Or better say the place where it merges The back with a frame It's very well finished neither At least you can not figure it out If there are three pieces, that is Plastic frame The front The point is that some might think this The phone is pretty plump Let's say pretty babies or big enough We also have And A very large forehead and chin, but also the frame in his turn Compared to other phones it is great And somehow it gives you The feeling that she's going on an iPhone x ar Unlike an iPhone Normal is not so meme Perhaps this sensation is given by the fact that it is Something thicker And honestly I'd prefer to have many other midrange phones To give up on Glass and aluminum And make one in what kind of design And to put a better room on my mind Plus or better audio quality a better speaker Because I prefer 10,000 times A plastic phone midrange But with a room and quality hears better than a good looking phone but does nothing You can put on paper or Soul wind I really like this phone at first glance is very comfortable to hold with a hand and Of course To manipulate Costin Single hand But if you have something smaller little hands It's pretty hard to get From the top for those who have big enough hand is very easy Take the phone All around And the buttons are very easy to access What are the Fingerprint Sensor What it is Between a position that Many of us love it It does not flex Very well coined what Phone I like And what you were at the beginning His video was a joke We'll see if it's true or not After we test them Synthetic button and we play with him a little A few minutes later I managed to make it and its initial tap What do you call the phone And I want to mention that it took a while Why Because it has a connection BG does not have that as well So we do not have dual band and 5GHz Connectivity is pretty good on wifi am I have the full signal We also have bluetooth 4.2 if everything This chapter connectivity I put a black wallpaper why.

Because it seems to me That it contrasts pretty well with the phone If you are curious to see how it looks harmful The rest His phone That's good As we can see we have This pretty chin and the godfather is of Pretty prizes Mint in Status bar The operating system is Android Top in the left to the sky we have this Google Feed And on the right are Notification applications cigarettes A swipe up We have recent apps With the Clear All button And two or you got it upstairs It's the drawer with applications Until we have a lot of bloatware paying, we have a no greeting Blocksberg with no additional installed apps All are from Google all are through Installed and there is no Danke But before going into the settings I want to mention that I really like this interface Why Because it has something bigger The operating system moves pretty fast Basic functions You have little to expect In opening The keypad to give you a little while expected when you open the messaging application Instead, if you leave them in the background, the dangers are accessed What a pretty girl by what But the system at the moment You installed for example Facebook Instagram and other applications that require Quite a lot of resources Because They are quite difficult, in turn It's possible that when you use them To be cleaned out of the way Why Because This Model Has Only 3 Gb of RAM With 32 GB of Internal Storage Space We go there and the version with With 2 GB of RAM And with 16 GB of space Internal storage but 2GB in 2019 mi It looks pretty little Great differences from what we have seen before Android One I'm not If not You know we have here In digital wellbeing settings And it's an option that shows you How much did you use your phone, for example, we used the YouTube Chrome radio An application for wallpapers and settings for Because I'm still on my way to see if it is Something new or not Before going to the tests and Petitions I promised to tell you with This white line I have a usb cable here And Here He moved away Notification light when you put it on, or you will receive a notification Dificare The power button frame will light up Which seems very nice to me I see that the laptop already has with The phone quickly dated the fingerprint sensor It's pretty quick Unlock the phone in quite short time But I saw the phones a little faster than a needle I present you ethics and here we should not wait Prints too big Let's start geekbench 4 After it loads well Meaning of mergem în istoric removable We are waiting 891 points in the single with anything And 3323 points in multicolored Let's look at our benchmark AnTuTu too Wait until it opens and we have a general score of 78,400 31 If you are curious Here you are displayed on the screen and And the other scores for Sibiu GPL Winx And memory So it's not a rocket phone It's not too slow not in You are very fast What is a phone It does not go wrong because I do not want to offend The point is that being an entry level phone I would not want to have a lot of claims from him not to forget the screen It has five 71-inch comma In diagonal Somewhere at 76 comma 6% Occurs from the front of the phone 1520 resolution on 720 pixels A 19 on 9 aspect and a density of 290 And five of them Pixel per inch Honestly being is a screen that is not extraordinarily bright You would have liked to have Something more brightness why Why because when Are Outside or beating the sun directly It's kind of hard Read content on the screen and this time Let's say I'm giving it to Max Simon This is the maximum brightness The content is Sharp is crispy is good is sharp even if it has only a 720p resolution on it YouTube or Netflix looks decent She could say good looks for the needle segment Pricelist I also started piubigi And honestly to be this Phone screeches a little The settings were automatically selected appello We have at And I make gifts Occasional Instead it is quite difficult to play because the texture is not extraordinarily qualitative And the distance to which the elements are generated is not very large So when you say you want to keep it Sinteşti An enemy From a fairly large distance you can not see it You do not see it physically For those who do not play so often Or Gamers game I could tell them It seems to me a pretty down-to-earth gaming phone But not at a very good resolution and not a very good quality However, the phone gets very hot In this personal area I tend to think it's a pretty good phone Even if I do not understand why there is I was very excited here Power button Let's talk about the room As mentioned earlier it is 8 megapixel f2.0 The face and the one on On the back we have A dual camera arrangement of 13 f-22 respectively 2 megapixels Sensor for The effect of bokeh Let's open the app House It is the usual one from Nokia with a small change Iasi Can say at the top We have an icon for motion picture on or off and And honestly, it does not seem to me to be absolutely intuitive But if you start it What are you doing? This lights up The photographer Whether Moving We still have options for For timer And I got out of here When I give BAC Hdr with the module Of auto and A very good thing Very intuitive And I came out of From the room That does not I hope very intuitively when I want to close This menu Push the bulb And He takes me out of the room I wish I had to close the menu but Of the car and Ion Nothing special and at the bottom we have the ways Lifebox Pro Photo and video And what do I appreciate in the Pro mode It is that I have 8 The option for Focus Manual The quality of the photos It's surprisingly good for this segment Frames of the Holy You said the correct contrast End saturation I'm more than girls Even when the sun hides behind the clouds the colors are Living people are living The level of detail is not extraordinarily high, but it is enough for social networking Socialization Document Fees Even March photos Fantasy if it does not take a camera Photographed with Things change into Chicken Light A little noise is done Feel the presence and If you do not have a hand Stable time frames to be moved This is due to the higher exposure time Lack of stabilization Well, the time has come for the conclusions And here I have to be a bit tough with Nokia why Why did I lose that from my point of view Train or this wave of the segment In humans or m Entry level the most we have a very construction Which I personally appreciate And I prefer it Over all the other phones in this Which price segment we have a screen HD plus or better says Macron 720 I have seen many screens 7 At 20, however, it is not very bright And it has no very good contrast As we can see the quality of the photos is decent Or at least I would like to thank myself for an entry level phone, but when they are seen on these skulls They seem erased do not seem to be inconsistent And of course, Parents Banana photos But when we multiply a computer with a very good display You will be surprised That's what happened to me Personally when I took pictures of this Phone So I would prefer Nokia to put a display Even 720 The team but a better idea idea Because we were talking about the room and the display A f2.0 Simon f1.8 It would not be ruined In return I am very pleased with her 13 megapixels For 900 RON to be serious More than why Sound Quality Honestly It seems to me extraordinary But if Nokia scharf is taken a little longer To invest in the development of this component Well it would be a very easy to recommend phone Let's not forget that the market is still in this segment Y 6 good cell phone again from Huawei But it has an audio quality and better than the competition in this Performance performance Good Performance The Romanian to discuss why Because you do not start the setup you want to setup it you will notice Something I choose Once you have finished upgrading drs software accounts Set the cutter So let's see that the phone does pretty well when it's got it The applications loaded on the road per total is a very interesting phone And I personally prefer my favorite of any other phone in this price segment Why I like designer I like it flat on the back Besides, even if it has a plastic frame I like it Very much finish Not even Joining plastic with frame and Glass on the face Honestly to be it is Very minimalist and very often I believe in Non-competition where I've ever met a great design It was interesting to show me 8 Light And it's bigger has a full HD screen and would be a great alternative to this device From this price segment But he has no jack jack And if you want to listen to music You go with my phones Huawei p Smart 2019 Which has a slightly larger battery All microusb plug But it also has room quality It's a little better than that Another alternative to this phone Also in this price segment would be Galaxy a40 why Because it does not matter period and I have changed the price has decreased And that phone has a dual camera What better than me How much A pretty good battery has one Screen to body ratio Very good But also a full HD AMOLED Full HD screen, a bit more contrasting and of course much more clear than it I'm over that I was Dragos that was Nokia 4 Two until next time do not forget to check the description for useful links and updated prices once again all with the opinion about .

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