Premium GTX1660Ti RGB - Review MSI GEFORCE GTX1660TI Gaming X 6G #MSI #NVIDIA #GeForce

hi guys this is my second review for the best affordable graphic card nvidia release 2019 it is NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX1660TI why i said this is the best affordable graphic card in the market right now because we pay less but we get more it is like,last year we pay for gtx1060 but we get gtx1070 performance superb! worth every penny Then,MSI sent me their latest GeForce GTX1660Ti MSI GeForce GTX1660Ti Gaming X 6G I'm Asraff Jeffery from Youtube Channel Monaliza This time I will review MSI GeForce GTX1660Ti Gaming X 6G Actually MSI GeForce GTX1660Ti Gaming X 6G is one of MSI Premium Graphic Card That's why we can see that MSI not only focus on performance but they also focus on Cooling System and Athestical Side one of new thing about the outlook is MSI already remove their Red Ring at the First Fan like previous version they replace it with Silver Gunmetal Ring which is suit with any color theme if they don't do this,we only can do black-red theme pc if we do other color theme,it's kind of weird if the red ring still exist then,if we combine this Graphic Card with MSI B360 Gaming Pro Carbon this combo really looks awesome! furthermore,both Graphic Card and Motherboard support MSI Mystic Light Then this card come with 2 Torx Fan 3.0 to ensure the cooling system performance and this Graphic Card also come with MSI Twin Frozr 7 at the back of the Graphic Card,there is Classy Brushed Metal Backplate with MSI Logo about Input Output Connection there are 3 display port and 1 hdmi port and if we look closely,the PCI Expansion Cover also got backplate's looks design for the performance i tested this graphic card with 2 resolution; 2K 1440p and Full HD1080P all games was set to Ultra Setting and this is the performance graph and for the cooling system for this card is very good Twin Frozr 7 really proof MSI can Improve the Cooling Performance I stress the Card using Furmark for 1 hour the room temperature at that time was 34'c and after 1 hour,the temperature was 69'c only and never exceed 69'c and regarding noise MSI GeForce GTX1660Ti Gaming X's fan dont spin if the temperature dont hit 60'c and once the fan start spinning,the noise was 75db which is in my opnion,very less loud and can consider silent gpu overall for the performance, this card play all 2k games very well but for smoother fps,certain game better play in Full HD Ultra Setting but if you insist to play 2k resolution certain game need to play with High Setting then you will get very good fps for that game about the graphic card's outlook i'm really impress with the new design for the gaming x version msi did a great job to remove the red ring and replace with gunmetal ring the outlook looks premium and suit with any color theme builder want and regarding the cooling system the cooling system was awesome the temperature when i stressed for 1 hour was 69'c only and actually,the temperature when i playing games on it the temperature was around 65'c only which means,MSI Twin Frozr 7 is not a gimmick but really powerful cooling system lastly bout the noise like i said before this graphic card can be categorized in the less noise graphic card category the price for MSI GeForce GTX1660Ti Gaming X 6G is RM1,470 like i said before MSI Gaming X is a premium Card for MSI if you are looking for a budget GeForce GTX1660Ti for MSI you can take a look for MSI GeForce GTC1660Ti Ventus XS 6G Thanks NVIDIA and MSI for the sponsor Thanks for watching,please subscibe :D .

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