PWK TV speak to Andrew Smith of Aberdeen Business Network

Hi so Adam Bell here PWK's Head of Digital and I'm here with Andrew Smith Director of Aberdeen Business Network. Good morning Good morning So for those people who may not be familiar with your business could you provide us with a brief introduction sort of why you started with your business and how you got to where you are today? Yeah of course Aberdeen Business Network has been going for 11 years now and the goal of our business is to help companies to win more business we do that via an offline business development solutions and also a 7,000 possibly about online business community evn community the growth of our business has been it's been decided they watch five members as almighty Ruthie is doing and in the solutions that these members would like to be involved in both way that's been decided by no that's wonderful and if you were to look back to where you start it and if your current business the one you imagined when you first started a yes of a network unless we've been able to achieve by Billy Autrey business name grew from laying low flame lots for the damages services new website over maybe for some years today watch as the members of Goodwin we gotta listen to the FTP site that means in one way what machines you have few business over the next twelve months of the next year there's two different things reach existing members existing clients your particular sales and marketing even the business recently in how do you comment it was there we newest significantly after we actually saw more main roles and we will make working but for some of us a lot of services so West may be involved with that because budgets were what they for something feels like for what it's worth you were non-existent so that was that was tough but I was receiving the markets market improve the channels that have just know it's the make it conversation many members as possible and meet this meaning actually do was return I hope that each favorite quote the marketing goals are so yeah they doing this opportunity sales and I guess it's reflection customer solution and finally for anyone who's looking to start their own business because we're others in the same state that also companies in the different sectors we're doing the north wing one nor men while Israel with the sleep with it with access to new business have been office listed small businesses set up by experts and particular fields and bets on weight they threw the keys that somebody's seals yeah the f4 you know do you speak to the start do they try developing strategy and can often be you know more lunches Israel no that isn't your Henry's all the things that can be done to try to speak to the expats to be doing the right marketing things at the start but also you know we're going to evolve as well visit someone's work brilliant thank you very much to speak when there's nobody that don't you absolutely .

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