Redmi K20 review: no, it's not overpriced!

At the launch of the redmi k-series in India I could hear the collective disappointment at the launch area when Manu Kumar Jain announced the price of the red meat k20 it is priced much higher than what the people expected it to be priced that although shocking people with low launch prices has been sort of a trend for Xiaomi so which is probably the reason why people are expecting a low price from the clad make a 20 as well you know what in my reviews I don't like to talk in detail about the price of a smartphone you know except for the value for money part but in this review I'm gonna make an exception so is the redmi k20 actually expensive or are we missing the bigger picture here hammer shell for mr. phone and in this video we're going to find out the answer to that question and more in our review of the newly launched a technic a 20 but before we move on the read McKay 20 has another color variant which is called the flame red you know the subscribe button is also red in color so please go and hit that subscribe button and the bell like in right next says to get notified whenever mr. phone puts out an awesome new tech video the right of the back the red make a twenty is identical to the red make a twenty pro in many aspects which is why I'm not gonna be discussing the similarities between the two in detail for which you can check out our full review of the red Mackay 20 pro which should come up in a card right now but let's start off with the design the outer chasse off the K 20 is the same as the K 20 pro in fact we got the glacier blue variant of both the phones for review and since I was reviewing would the phones together I'd end up mistaking the two often as far as a design is concerned you get the same glass and metal sandwich design protected by Gorilla Glass 5 a pop-out selfie camera full screen display in display fingerprint scanner USB type-c port headphone jack a dual SIM card with no SD card extension single mono speaker well you get the drift the K 20 Pro and K 20 are identical now moving on to the display the 6.3 9 inch AMOLED display is also identical in terms of specs with HDR support Widevine l1 certification DCI p3 color gamut and more however I did notice that the default color temperature on my review units the K 20 and the K 20 pro were different the K 20 had a pink tone to the whites compared to the neutral temperature of the K 20 pro but I'm nitpicking here you can actually change the color temperature to your liking and you would really notice it if you don't keep the devices side-by-side obviously the software is same with the poco launcher on top of MIUI 10 and the best part is no ads at least in the system apps the pesky notifications from the first party ads continue to be an irritant to also remember to switch off the personalized add notification recommendation when you set up the phone for the first time you also get the same great hi recertification for audio and listening to my playlist using the K 20 was a great experience sonically speaking all these similarities that we've just checked right now makes the red McCade 20 as premium as the red BK 20 pro keep that in mind when we discussed the price at the end of the review the first major difference between the K 20 and the K 20 pro is that snapdragon 855 has been replaced by Snapdragon 730 so how does this brand new super mid-range qualcomm chipset perform it is considerably fast let's quickly take a look at the benchmark score comparisons between the Snapdragon 737 10 712 and 8:45 we've run an Toto Geekbench and 3d mark for this comparison as you can see Snapdragon 730 is considerably more powerful than the other super mid-range chipsets and comes tantalizingly close to the performance of the Snapdragon 845 forget benchmarks the daily usage is excellent the phone just screams through most tasks you throw at it no worries Bob G starts at high graphics by default but he can play only at HD settings and Mac's there's no support for HDR that said I got consistently good frame rates and no framedrops whatsoever in fact the same great game turbo 2.0 from the redmi k20 pro has also been ported to the red mckay 20 so you can achieve higher that sampling rate which is basically to improve the touch sensitivity while you are playing and also brings more life to picture quality in games I'm sure gamers will appreciate this feature because I definitely did the redmi k20 is the first phone in india to come with a snapdragon 730 processor and this processor is excellent my friends again keep that in mind when we discuss the price in the end as far as the camera specs are concerned the red mckay 20 has only one difference compared to the K 20 Peru the K 20 has a Sony I am x58 2 sensor which is a pared down version of the IMX 586 essentially since the Snapdragon 730 cannot support 4k 60fps video recording you can't do that on the K 20 otherwise the camera sensors IMX 582 and IMX 586 are near identical even in terms of performance you get the same great details at close crop and even at 48 megapixel resolution and the same highlight clipping issues as well the selfies are bright and overexposed all the three cameras can shoot video at 4k 30fps with E is which is basically the wide-angle and telephoto can also shoot 4k 30fps video there is no oh s on any camera the selfie camera footage is not stabilized the audio recording in videos is not that great but it continues to be ok decent at best low-light shots with night mode on and off are pretty good for a mid-range phone now compared to the real me x3 has a comparison coming on the channel and I'll suggest that you wait for it because it's gonna be a very interesting one so I don't want to reveal anything right now but the red-meat K twenties cameras are pretty good overall the triple camera set up on the red make a 20 and the papad selfie camera makes it one of the most versatile cameras that you can buy in this price range you can also get some good shots but you need to be patient for that and you need to know how to control the exposure otherwise great cameras nonetheless let's take a look at it once again in the end of the video thread McKay xx has a same 4000 mAh battery as that McKay xx pro interestingly on the redmi k20 you get the same 7r screen on time that i got with the redmi k20 pro so even the battery life is very similar the only difference between the two at least in terms of specs is the charging speeds while the K xx Pro supports 27 watt charging and the K 20 tops out at 18 watt charging during my testing the K 20s 18 watt in box charger charged the phone from zero to hundred in under one hour and thirty minutes which is the same time achieved by the K 20 pro so finally we are at the end of the video and we're going to be checking out the price of the K 20 and the K print II was actually launched a trapeze 21 triple line for the 6 GB 64 GB variant which is the variant we actually reviewed and now this price has met with some criticism in the extended tech circle people who've been following Xiaomi for a long time having said that I feel that most people who think that the price is expensive have a bit of a myopic opinion in this matter I think that you need to look at the bigger picture and I think that the read Mackay 20 is actually priced fairly well now let me break down why I think that it is priced well firstly now coming back to what's inside the phone you get a snapdragon 730 chip this is Qualcomm latest mid-range chipset it is the most powerful marryin chipset and it is almost as powerful as the 845 I don't know why that Xiaomi should be pricing this phone any lower than the current price now secondly the software experience on the read make a 20 and the k2000 are similar making it very equal in terms of flagship performance that you get from the phone I mean of course the software experience is not that great but you get poco launcher on both the phones now the third bit and it is very important to notice this this is the K 20 this is the K 20 Pro you can't tell the two apart because they had identically chassis wise they're identically the same that designed the fit to finish the K 20 and the Kate when people who are extremely great flagship products and this is read me upping its game so you know what you're not losing out on that flagship feel with the read Mackay 20 or that BK 20 proved also the camera performance on the read Mackay 20 is almost similar to the read Mackay 20 pro considering the fact that the read Mackay 20 pro has one advantage which is a very tiny advantage that it can actually shoot 4k 60fps video compared to 4k 30fps which is the max limit on the red BK 20 so now between the two phones the red BK 20 pro is priced at 27 trappin line for the base variant which is the 6 GB 128 GB variant so the 6 GB 64 GB variant which is priced at 20 mm so the price difference between the base variants is rupees 6,000 which is a slim margin for you know the 855 that you get inside the redmi k20 pro which is a big deal in a lot of people's opinions and of course you get the dual GPS functionality which I don't know if it's you know a big deal for a lot of people when they're making a purchase but otherwise you know the price margin is not that much having said that that I'd make it Wendy's price is a pretty good and I think that it is totally worth the price now what matters is not the comparison with the dead McKay 20 Pro but with its immediate peers so let's take a look at that yes the real me X is the first phone that everyone will compare the K 20 wait for Opie's 5000 more you get a more premium glass finish a triple camera setup and a better chipset actually if you can live with the difference in performance the real me X is an excellent excellent deal alliteration intended I'm not really worried about the plastic body either you can't really tell the difference because I really thought the real me X had class having said that the redmi k20 with its glass is actually a better build than the real me X now when you compare it to the poco f1 this is a tough one the poco f1 doesn't have the same fit and finish of the K xx but it does have a slightly better Association I'd still go for the newer phone which is the K xx in this case despite the price difference now the Reavers even pro might not be as polished as they're at make a 20 or it might not even have an AMOLED panel however the Z van pro definitely has a great price for the specs it is offering and the price difference is massive if you look into penny pinch you can skip the K 24 the z1 through the summit of the K 20 splice might have left a bitter taste but after the dust has settled I think you will see the phone for what it offers and not for its price and it does offer a lot as for me I think that the Technica 20 is priced appropriately and it also sticks to charmese honest pricing philosophy so which is absolutely great now if xiaomi were top prices phone any lower it might as well have sold it for free instead so that's it from me that was my review of the red BK 20 I know that I discussed the price a lot in this video but that is probably the most important thing that everybody wants to talk about of course the phone is almost as good as the K 20 pro in many aspects do let me know in the comment section below what you think about the red BK 20 until next time this is Asia from mr. phone signing off goodbye and Godspeed my friends .

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