The ultimate Google Ads Tutorial - Part 2

How to create Google Ads as a beginner part 2 Hello guys and welcome to the part 2 of the Google s tutorial more here from my drop shop so yesterday I told you about some things you need to be aware of if You're entering the space of Google ads for the first time and if you didn't check it Then go before you watch this video So you understand what's happening today? I'm gonna show you on screen how to create google ads. Let's jump on the Mac screen So guys, let's start with the and we start of course with the campaign and you campaign Here are the types of the campaigns you can you can do sales that drives sales online in AB by phone or in-store Leads get leads and other conversions by encouraging customers to take action Website traffic get the right people to visit your website Pro product and brand consideration encourage people to explore your products and services This one and this one We won't use 50 to 70 percent of advertisers won't use Rand awareness. It's a reach a broad audience and both awareness Up a promotion get more installs and interactions for your app This is this is really really good. If you haven't have if you own an app and you want to promote it So we're gonna do a sales one There's sales sales display shopping and video So let's go basically with everyone Search and get more sales with text or call ads that shown in search results of of on on Google search partner sites and more display get more sales by showing visually striking ads across the web online in app and in store and optimize your Campaign performance with automated bidding targeting and and ad creation Shopping drive online and in-store sales wood ads like showcase shopping that show on Google Shopping and the search Network video Get more sales with video ads you can make an here a video I hear Formats designed to encourage people to purchase your product or service. So we're gonna go with a search one We so What do you want? How do you want to reach your goal? I'm gonna go with website visits your business website. I'm gonna go where I'm gonna go with you Can go and check it out.

So I'll press continue now Here you name the campaign, I'm gonna name it test - I already have a test one. So here you can do the search Network and the Display Network I'm gonna I'm not gonna do that this way might work So here are the start and end dates I'm not gonna play with it not right now So targeting and audiences guys here the locations Languages audience, so I need to tell you something about locations and audiences and something called CPC. Cpc-h Cost-per-click you need to know What is the cost per click and the location you are trying to to enter here, so? I'm gonna say and turn on the location Let's work when with one of the big four I'm gonna check out United States You can reach 243 millions so I'm gonna check In the United States CPC Here they got they are going This one was the CPC rate of the USA on someone's blog advanced between 0.19 and they report 30 cent per click But the thing if you're trying if you're trying to get more reach With a low cost you can go with third-world countries like India 0.01 to 0.02 and 21. So 0.21 per click So guys let's get back here, so let's say United States The language, it's English select audience here You have to be careful choosing the keywords Let's say you're trying to sell camping stuff Camping and hiking equipment outdoor recreational equipment Ideas you can enter the ideas outdoor items support supports a fitness there There's a lot of options, but guys be careful you need not To use the wrong keywords because using the wrong keywords will cost you money all for nothing here. You can set your budget This is the bedding section. Hey, you're looking for convergent conversion value of clicks you Save and continue okay to enter a budget you save and continue Other groups contain one more or more ads and the set of related keywords for best results You need to try to focus all the ads and keywords in an ad group on one product or a service. Okay So here camping kits dot man you can use it still pimping camping chair tent campers for sale camping tents and I'm gonna say that Here is the ad There's a preview of the add let's say camping kids Here's the website the headline all your Outdoor a Outdoor Desires On the second hand line Camping equipment There's a third headline, but I don't like to get with it You can here set the description For the website here Save and continue So I can obviously I can Okay camping equipment And Outdoor tools so you can continue Here we're coming for the confirmation and you can continue to the campaign So that's it you have your own campaign so that's it for today guys I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and if you would like to see more of this in the future Please make sure to LIKE subscribe and during the notification. Well, I'll see you guys. Bye. Bye .

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