Unknown Motorola phone with four cameras leaks

Unknown Motorola phone with four cameras leaks The prevailing strategy in the mobile space as far as cameras go these days seems to be more is always better, and leaks , posting at of a new, as yet unknown Motorola device featuring four rear shooters seem to indicate that the company is diving headfirst into the trend. Details at this stage are predictably slim, but we do know a few things: in addition to the plethora of cameras, the device will offer a 6.2 inch display with a teardrop notch similar to with an in display fingerprint sensor. Also visible are a USB C port and 3.5mm headphone jack, which is always appreciated in todays increasingly dongle based world. There are basically two ways that phones have implemented multiple rear cameras at this point. The more common method, as seen on phones like the Galaxy S10 or Huawei P30 Pro, features different types of camera lenses for different photographic effects. The other seen on devices like the five camera Nokia 9 , features multiple iterations of the same lens that all shoot simultaneously to capture different exposures of a scene for better detail.

We dont know yet which type of multiple camera array Motorola is using here, but given the identical looking cameras and the fact that one of the pictures shows a 48MP label by the camera array, it seems like Motorola is probably following in Nokias footsteps here with four 12 megapixel lenses. As for the rest — including battery size, price, release date, and most importantly, what kind of processor Motorola will be putting in this device if it ever makes it to market — well have to wait until Motorola officially announces things. .

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