WATCH IT BEFORE BUY - Mini DLP 4K Pocket Projector with Android !! PRICE??

what's up guys this is roy and welcome to another video on this channel and today I am going to answer some of your questions that you asked re garding this mobile projector this video get around 855k views and 4300 like insane amount of views so I made a review about this projector a few months back guys so if you want to check the video check it guys then came back here and I'm going to answer every one of your questions regarding this projector and you guys will keep asking me about the price how many price sir how much it is Dam kotto what is the price in Bangladesh so I don't know what is the price is Bangladesh but I bought it from around $180 so it's around 12000 rupees in India and Bangladesh maybe probably fifteen thousand rupees why do you can buy it I find Aliexpress its cheapest so far you get it from Aliexpress it's so cheap so if you go to and search for mobile projectors you will find a lot of projectors it's starting from 3,500 rupees to around people thousand rupees so it's just at from $50 to thousand dollars so here is another similar kind of projectors is 1080p and its price around 173 to $280 now as you see guys this is region here 4k it's not 4k it's not even 1080p it's not even 720p it's around 800 by 480 resolution of this beam like this this beam is around 800 by 400 it can play it can play 4k videos so that's why here it is written 4k to fool us so after 1 year use I don't want you guys to buy this projector it's a handy projector to have and you can get around 25 inches to 30 inches screen using this projector and more than 30 inch it puts a strain on eyes because the light the light of the lumen is only 100 lumen its run out of a little I think 3000 mah battery that's why it cannot produce enough light to make a big display also I get a comment can it charged using a power bank or can it charge can we attach a battery with this projector now we can't address the external battery but can charge it using a power bank so it support five volt as you see guys here written 5v in order to do this unit your power bank and then put this socket inside you can buy this kind of cable from eBay so now as you see guys this green light is turned on and it's charging and if you guys are looking for a decent projector for your home I say like don't buy this kind of mobile pocket projectors it will disappoint you guys but you guys want a projector on the move tutorial maybe for some presentation maybe you want to ask some movie in the jungle it can go for this kind of projectors for this projector is good enough for up to 25 inch screen more than that it will not it will not good for a big display for this you can buy a big big projector which run on 220 volt or 110 volts and if you guys are looking for some awesome projector I will leave links in the description below and I will make another video about mobile projectors on my upcoming video and if you guys have any question any suggestion any comment let me know in the comment section below definitely answer every one of your questions so guys that's it for today my name is abhijit roy I'm signing out mate with you on my next video till then bye bye .

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