NVIDIA just made EVERYTHING ELSE obsolete. RTX 30 Series

TX 3070 is going to outperform a 2080Ti at less than half the price, $499. Is Nvidia insane? I mean, even with all of the leaks indicating that Ampere was going to be super powerful, I was in no way ready for this.NVIDIA just made EVERYTHING ELSE obsolete. RTX 30 Series

Obviously I'm not ready to hand Nvidia their crown until we see the new cards for ourselves. But based on what they've shown, we are in for one heck of a ride. They announced well a lot, and we're going to get to all of it, but the big one is, Ampere is real and Ampere is an absolute monster.

As it turns out, the recent leaks were accurate in many if not most ways. Where Turing based RTX 2000 GPUs were manufactured on TSMC's 12 nanometer FinFET process, which was actually derived from their 16 nanometer process, Nvidia instead partnered with Samsung on a custom eight nanometer process for the RTX 3000 series.NVIDIA just made EVERYTHING ELSE obsolete. RTX 30 SeriesAnd the difference here is much bigger than we got moving from Pascal to Turing.

Here's the thing, for over three years now, G-Force GPUs have had in the neighborhood of 20 to 25 million transistors per square millimeter, Ampere around 60 million per square millimeter, that's over double, and breaking with what's become their habit lately, they didn't just use this increase in density to lower their own costs and keep selling a similar performance with some new features tacked on. The RTX 3080 boasts over 28 billion that's with a B transistors.

What does that get us? Well for starters, PCI Express Gen 4, upgraded Tensor cores and Oh, and casually more than double the CUDA cores across the board.NVIDIA just made EVERYTHING ELSE obsolete. RTX 30 SeriesAnd here's the kicker, that's not compared to the cards that each of the 3000 series GPU replaces, that's compared to the previous generations step up.NVIDIA just made EVERYTHING ELSE obsolete. RTX 30 SeriesI'm not kidding, on paper every Ampere card that was announced, even the 3070 is faster than a 2080Ti. To find the last time that this happened, a third rundown GPU being faster than the previous flagship, I had to dig pretty deep through the archives.

Here's a review from AnandTech showing the 6600 GT beating the FX 5950.NVIDIA just made EVERYTHING ELSE obsolete. RTX 30 SeriesThat was in 2004. And according to Nvidia things are even better than they seem. They claim we are getting a 1.9 times performance per watt improvement, 2.7 times the Shader performance, 1.7 times the Ray Tracing performance and 2.7 times the Tensor core performance, which in the real world translates to, one metric, but ton.

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