10 facts about Xiaomi Smart Shoes Codoon 21K

Xiaomi running shoes and her daughters find it wrong simply. Most shoes they make either for fintes or for basketball. And in a year I bought only 5 pairs of cross-country. This is the sixth. Painfully similar to mizuno in geometry and under armor sensation. And today I will tell you about the next smart cross-country sneakers from xiaomi. Tei in them unfortunately on how much good so much and much bad. Beauty demanded here too many victims. And now 10 facts about smart smart codun sneakers Sneaker 21k

1) package. Standard box for sneaker. Nothing special. simply in green. Only thing to remember that given our work she will receive mail as much as possible indecent form.

2) Set of sneakers is simple - sneakers, instruction and smart chip that you can immerse only in the left sneaker. But do not rush to rejoice it’s that element of masochism. First with standard insoles chip foot when running feels very cheerful although it does not interfere. If you replace the insoles with orthopedic chip felt will not be. Well, secondly, you still need a chip make work - and this I’ll tell you not just that.

3) Sneakers are smart. It means the kit is coming chip which through the program on the phone should count speed, cadence, distance and it seems even the situation feet while running. Why am I saying something like - from what the program for connect not only to Chinese but also requires to activate the presence of Chinese phone numbers. And this time bother with registration I did not. More precisely, I tried - and asked the seller to register the program for which I received simple disregard of my request. Presence of intelligence of these I did not check running slippers.

4) Lacing sneakers completed as sporty as possible. Top eyelet for proper lacing do in these cross is possible, but the ribs stiffness on the sidewalls - where the holes are fixed for shoelaces cause concern. I think this rubberized joy is not enough for long and the laces will tear the place fastenings.

5) Insoles as mediocre as possible which for those who decide buy these in chinese smart sneakers i would advise change immediately. Purchase link for those who will decide to buy them will be as always in the description to video.

6) Four types of colors sneakers delight their life-affirming diversity and motivating colors. I got my color to my liking.

7) The tongue of the shoe is very soft, suspiciously soft. In it, as they do in salomon oh there is a mesh pocket in order to refuel shoelaces in it. The thing is undoubtedly comfortable and useful.

8) The price of these wonderful sneaker with chip peppy 4,500 rubles. and yes here pay a little and you can go buy in stock Nike Pegs top model. Well if you have a number stock, and Pegasus has not yet been disassembled. For me it's not generous, but the price justifies itself.

9) Dimensional mesh here a little pleased. I'm certainly out of luck and on my 285 mm I bought 44 size, in which the first 5 km run okay like walking but running more is not comfortable. The leg is expanding. And I would take 44 by 275 mm tops, and there is another 45 size which would suit me. Only in stock he appeared recently.

10) Comfort. Crosses are made on a wide leg. For me they are very universal. But calculated exclusively to the training process, because they are unrealistic soft. Feeling like a cotton daddy you run. Very similar to yourself feel in snowcrosses from salomon or under armor line of wounds. They are also very soft. Fixation of the foot is good. The sock is rubberized. Drop toe heel pretty big. I would say that sneakers entry level with professional weighing just 320 grams per one sneaker. Outsole Material Polyurethane EVA complex with gel compensation insert hit. Cross on wet pavement Do not slip. By and large, even it doesn't really matter how they called him. Sneakers bend well and in the right places. Torsion tests pass no deformation. Sensations when running in pleasant just like pi at least. But here's how they sewed the heel is very strange for me. But time will tell what is with them will become. Running in them is comfortable. At least 20ku run, and on the road also. Insanely similar in depreciation on the mizunovsky wave. Also available in large reflective inserts with logo.

I summarize today by what I honestly planned in this review sneakers cut and show that inside them. But I won’t do it primarily because that I liked them. Quality comfortable, lightweight, bright unusual and interesting. I recommend it to fans for purchase.  Given that in advertising there is also chip management in a voice. Xiaomi's daughter worked on the fans. And do not forget to subscribe - on the channel once every two weeks among subscribers a raffle mi band 4 full conditions in the description for the video. 

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