20 facts about Redmi Note 8 Pro 8 Gb

Every time we wait from xiaomi a miracle. We are glad that the camera has the most megapixels there was a mini jack and a chin with the upper bang becomes Less and less. And they gorilla glass 5 version in devices shove and processors from media. 

Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 pro in the maximum configuration. There will be both good and bad. And all the evidence its flaws can see on the channel in three hour stream in which I unpacked it, tested it and compared with redmi laptop 7. 20 facts. The packaging is simple. Like kit. Includes quick charge 18 watts in 56 minutes charges the phone by 50 percent. Full phone from 0 to 100 charges in 2 hours. As well as cable type si - yusby and a cover with a romantic stub on type input. Paper with instructions on how to insert SIM card. And a clip for opening stubs of sim cards. SIM card slot rubberized better than 7m laptop. Have redmi 8 official appeared dust and moisture protection Ay pi 52, just a little spray not afraid. You can put in a SIM card slot either two sim cards, or SIM card and memory card up to 256 GB in volume. Three colors to choose from. Mineral gray, pearl white and forest green. Normal version of redmi laptop 8 is not much different from 7ki even outwardly. 8 pro is different pretty much. Even by the location of the camera.

There is no wireless charging. Typical input ti si for charging. The speakers are so powerful what really can blow out a candle. And play a sound very cool in my opinion opinion. Glass body. Sloping. On the sides of the plastic. Glass 5th generation gorilla glass. In the presence of a mini jack, and extremely it is regrettable that he was posted at the bottom. And the funny thing is that in a regular strap on him there is no stub. Phone by dimensions 162 Mm tall, 76 mm wide 8.8 mm thick. Let it go it is only a couple mm long and wider than redmi laptop 7, in a small palm he It’s not so comfortable. And one will control it with his hand pretty hard. What is he doing its for many users with a shovel. And the weight is more than peppy - 200 grams, that's already Really. IPC matrix screen with 2340 by 1080 pixels per inch, size 6.53 inches. Pixel Density 395 pipi ah. Special difference with the seven no. Highlights at the edges of the screen there is. This is especially noticeable. on white screensavers. Frequency update pictures 60 hertz. From the pros: quick unlock In the face, excellent auto brightness already on stock and good angles review. Aspect ratio 19.5 to 9.

By the way, the screen is scratched instantly. No hold sensor. Nfc module is, but in Chinese Google Pay version does not support. Global version will be only September 26, then already fully operational module. 64 megapixel camera, like redmi 7 under them there is a separate mode. Google camera while do not install. My opinion the camera shoots very average worse than my P20 pro. But much pleased with the stabilization and auto focus when shooting, both in slow mo and in mode 4 k. When moving or abrupt changing lighting camera the picture does not soap. Maximum zoom for photos in stock 10, for video 6. only where pleased with the photo - in the conditions limited lighting. Camera Modules - Home 64 megapixel with samsung sensor ISO focal length 35 mm and aperture f / 1.8 ,, further 8MP wide-angle, 2MP macro camera and 2mp for blurring the main plan. Physical size the sensor is just space by the standards of smartphones, and exactly 1 / 1.7 inches, right like my favorite flagship P30 pro from the huaveya. Frontal 20.1 megapixels, protrudes the main the camera is much smaller than on redmi laptop 7, but in a case sticks out, and most importantly there are no lags of brakes and departures when using it. AND what's here for real at a height - photosensitivity. The memory in the device is 128 gigabytes, 109 gigabytes available. Sensor unlock, which is under the camera, works perfectly and practically instantly. But finger to post minimum 70 required percent plane.

The phone itself is slippery. Printed just instantly. Antutu issues 282,000 directly from the box. No updates. Processor how long ago in the course, media library heilo G 90 t 8 cores, technology 12 nm, octa core 2 GHz and with doubtful liquid cooled. I drove on a stream in front of the audience a few test phones time. He didn’t show less. But clap your hands especially not worth it. Presently the market is just a sea more nimble devices. And on stress tests the phone warmed up freely to 46 degrees from the back. And you can you say that for phone is not a lot. But even on the second stress test in 15 minutes the phone gives out peppy throttling without saying already about what is happening to him after the third test. That what this device lays on all games after half an hour games with this raw firmware, it is a fact. And I want to note that it doesn't even make sense drive him especially. Optimizations for most modern popular games including there are no tanks on it. CPU MTK90 is certainly cheap and angry, and beautiful on paper. But in life he shows on this phone not at its best. Autonomy.

Three stress test with 55 percent let go phone charge is 40 percent. 4500 mAh battery just can not cope with the conclusion apparatus to normal autonomy. Moreover, with connecting to a laptop to charge when playing the phone discharges faster than is charging. And in 9 hours minimal use the phone sat down by 35 percent. Without games, movies and the Internet. Only 5 minutes of shooting and 3 call for 4 minutes. When recording video to 4 k phone heats up to 46 degrees in 15 minutes. In stock super function instant switching between networks when cutting loss of connection. And this thing is really very useful especially for comfortable game. Mi Yu Ai 10 out of the box, and android 9th share on board. Bluetooth of course 5.0. Naturally they left infrared port.

From sensors - accelerometer, external sensor illumination, compass / magnetometer, gyroscope proximity sensor which is not buggy and the sensor fingerprint. In the Chinese version through dancing with a tambourine set google play, like played can. I summarize today by What phone do I recommend. Definitely. But not for gamers. And not for lovers of compact phones. And for those who important video recording speed work in standard applications, futuristic exterior view, mini jack in modern phone quality assembly and a sea of ​​opportunities on setting up this device. When will global version, it will be the best apparatus on the market in the ratio price quality. In my opinion opinion. PLAY MARKET even install on chinese phone can. In 4 G networks in the Russian Federation works. Nothing backlash and the overall impression is very high-quality assembly.

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