Eachine1 / E27 15W 20W UV Ozone Sterilization Anti-Bacterial Ultraviolet Disinfection Germicidal Lamp AC220V

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Features: Efficient and portable. Anti-bacterial rate 99% 360 degree beam angle, cleans and sanitizes air by killing bacteria, viruses, mold, effectively improving living environment. You can use it anywhere you want. Combined with timing devices, you clean the air when when you're going out. Generally and easy to install. e27 base, applicable to ordinary e27 lamp holder.High purity quartz glass tube means it's more durable. Hands grasp both ends of the tube screwed, do not use too much force. Household used. Household disinfection lamp UV germicidal helps solve problem of disinfection home life. Particularly suitable for the baby room, the air within the elderly room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and items disinfected. Easy to clean. When cleaning the UV lamp, cut off the power and use a cleaner, soft cloth or alcohol graze hanged gasoline and other organic solution to wipe. Specification: Bulb base: E27 Power: 15w/20w UV wave length: 254nm Light color: purple Voltage: AC220V Radiation range: 15w: 10-15 square meters. 20w: 15-20 square meters Material: quartz tube Beam angle: 360 degrees Size: 15w: 19cm 20w: 26cm Applications: Ozone sterilization, clean air. Suitable for spring and autumn, bacteria breeding season. Apply to new home, sterilization anti-virus. Notice: Ultraviolet radiation can cause skin and eye burns, please pay attention to the protection. Avoid direct exposure of a long time on the human body. It require people and animals waiting outside during disinfection after the complication of disinfection more than 40 minutes is needed to be taken for completing ozone decomposition . Pay attention to indoor precious calligraphy obscured to prevent prolonged ultraviolet radiation oxidation discoloration. Ozone ultraviolet lamp, super mites in addition to the peculiar smell of formaldehyde removal, sterilization no dead angle, kill distemper tiny more thoroughly. There is a killing effect of ultraviolet radiation on organic cells. Do not put long-term exposure to pets and plants. Package Included: 1XE27 15W/20W UV Ozone Sterilization Lamp
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