Eachine1 / Facepiece Respirator Full Face Gas Mask Chemical Dust Breath Protective Filter

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Vendor  Eachine1
Category  Masks
Features: This product is a product that informs the anti-virus eye protection. Suitable for working environments that can cause eye damage such as splashes. According to the design of human facial structure, it can be consistent with the height of the face, light weight, compact appearance and reasonable. Special injection process makes the mask not easy to deform, good stability, suitable for users to wear for a while time. Material: Rubber, PC Color: Black Instructions: Check the airtightness of the mask before each use. If there is any air leak, please check the air valve to ensure the applicability of the mask. Wearing a mask: Put the belt frame of the head behind the head and pull the lower strap back, so that the mask covers the nose and mouth and is completely sealed from the face. If the mask is damaged or has difficulty breathing, immediately leave the contaminated area. When the smell, fog or breathing becomes too fast, the filter has reached the end of its life and should immediately leave the contaminated area to replace. Package Included: 1 x Gas Mask (not included other stuff) Detail Pictures:
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