Eachine1 / Respirator Gas Mask Safety Chemical Anti-Dust Filter Military Eye Goggle Gas mask

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Vendor  Eachine1
Category  Masks
Features : 1. Effectively flitter organic steam, engine oil, gasoline, toluene, xylene, aniline, nitrobenzene, halogen, organic compounds, sulfur dioxide, etc. 2. Elastic adjustable wearing strap for comfortable wearing. 3. The mask fliter can be used for about 82 hours. Please replace the fliter cartridge after fully used. Specification : 1. Name: Protective Gas Mask Respirator&Eye Goggle 2. Model: B52255 3. Color: Gray+Black 4. Expiratory resistance: 50pa 5. Inspiratory resistance: 20pa 6. Air leak index: 2% 7. Binocular vision: 65% 8. Below view: 35% 9. Gas concentration: 0.1% Package includeds : 1 x Gas Mask Respirator 1 x Eye Goggle Details pictures :
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