Eachine1 / Respirator Gas Mask Safety Chemical Anti-Dust Filter Military Eye Goggle Set Workplace Safety Prote

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Features: Made of 4 components: Mask, filter box, respiration value and elastic ribbon. Made of healthy and clean material, without harmless. Double value design, strong breathability than normal single value. High quality rubber, durable. Convenient, durable and effective filter box. Lens are made of polyurethane, impact resistance. Activated carbon in filter box can be removed and installed easily. Both eyeshade and respirator with elastic ribbon, making you wear comfortable. Fit for people who always touch organic v apor, Benzene and its homologue, petrol, pesticide, acetone, carbon disulfide, ether and so on in agriculture, industry and scientific research units. Specification: Expiratory resistance (Pa) <50 Inspiratory resistance (min) <80 Antivirus Time (min)> 45 Leakage coefficient (%) <5 Field of view (degrees)> 35 Warning: Do not use in high toxic atmospheres of where there may be a deficiency of oxygen. Conditions of Use: 1. environment gas volume concentration of not more than 0.1% the concentration of oxygen in the air volume of not less than 19.5% the ambient temperature is -30 ~ + 45. 2. The masks can not be used for planters, pots and other airtight container work environment, does not apply to the use of p oison gas in other environments. 3. Mask respirator use should first check whether the parts intact, exhalation valve and exhalation valve at the bottom piece is sealed, cartridges with the body are close together, filter canisters box is loose. 4. Wear masks must be kept upright, wrap the nose and mouth, there should be no gap on both sides of the nose, mask strap to fasten respectively, to adjust to the masks are not loose, do not squeeze the nose face, do not leak. 5. Masks in use, when the canisters agents lose canisters role within the masks began to smell a slight odor of toxic gases, toxic gases user must immediately leave the area, the replacement of the canisters agent. Necessary, re-examine the mask tightness. Package Included: 1 x Anti-Dust Paint Respirator Mask Set Detail Pictures: Warning: Do not use in high toxic atmospheres of where there may be a deficiency of oxygen.
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