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Vendor  FunCom
Category  Steam
Ever had interest in cosmic horror or hard science-fiction? Buy Moons of Madness key and enjoy a space horror game similar with its tone to movies like Apollo 18. This first-person horror adventure game was developed by Rock Pocket Games studios and published by Funcom. Get set for the feeling of isolation, confusion, and claustrophobia as you face madness itself when you reside in a lonely base on planet Mars.
Search for life on Mars that went terribly wrong
The protagonist of the game is Shane Newehart, a chief engineer on a secret Martian base that is funded by an international corporation Orochi. The base was established with the purpose of discovering the origins behind a mysterious extraterrestrial signal received from Mars. Buy Moons of Madness key and face the consequences of an experiment with an alien organism that went completely haywire!
Use your skills to survive in claustrophobic Martian base
Gameplay will be quite familiar to those who have had the chance to try sci-fi thriller games like Deliver us the Moon. As an engineer, you’ll roam around the Martian base fighting environmental hazards, fixing malfunctioning life-support equipment, solving puzzles and avoiding the alien menace spreading throughout the corridors of the base, infecting everything in its path. Buy Moons of Madness key and immerse yourself in a sci-fi survival-horror thriller that features realistic and atmospheric Martian base crafted in beautiful detail. The game stimulates the imagination not only for the horror game fans but also for space exploration enthusiasts who wonder what it would be like to reside on an actual Martian settlement.
Face the fear of the unknown 
Moons of Madness exploits the psychological challenges and fears that the human mind would have to face if it ever sought to settle space and uncover the mysteries that the universe hides. Buy Moons of Madness key and face the universal human fear of the unknown! As the mysterious, almost supernatural extraterrestrial threat begins to seize control of the Martian base, its inhabitants will have their worst nightmares realized. As you explore the Martian base, throughout the game you’ll encounter various hallucinations, anomalies, and infections alien lifeforms which are like the manifestations of the greatest fears the human mind can face when being isolated in hermetic corridors that are surrounded by nothing else except… death.
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