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BattleTech: Urban Warfare (DLC) key brings an awesome update to action-strategy adventure game developed by Harebrained Schemes and published by Paradox Interactive! This thrilling expansion, that is also a part of BATTLETECH Season Pass, brings numerous additions to enhance your mech-driven experience! New Mechs, new urban biome, lost and rediscovered technologies, new flashpoints, enemies, missions and more!

City-based Biome
Bring your battles to the cityscapes! Buy BattleTech: Urban Warfare key and fight in the most destructive environment. The surrounding buildings can be brought into rubble within seconds, and these rubbles can than be used to gain momentum or coverage – it all depends on you! Your enemies are out of sight? Make a new line of sight – it’s just a matter of your Mech’s destructive potential. Use the surrounding setting to your advantage and beware of many dangers laid under your path!

Mechs and Warfare
The BattleTech: Urban Warfare key presents two new Mechs ready to enter the new environments with speed and precision! Raven 1X is a lightweight machine loaded with the newest in-game technologies, while The Javelin was made to capitalize on singularity between speed and power! These Mechs, complemented with new technologies will offer you warfare which you’ve been seeking. Merge mechanics with Electronics, and then be amazed by the received results!

Flashpoints and Mission
Buy BattleTech: Urban Warfare key and playthrough numerous branching storylines that will eventually connect the dots with the mercenary missions! Enjoy the experience, make detrimental decisions, partake in special events, and receive captivating rewards! Alongside an array of short stories, you’ll also get to test your skills in an entirely new mission type. The attack and defend objective will challenge your skills and decisions to their very limits, can you survive, and even more so – can you succeed?
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