Paradox Interactive / Cities: Skylines - Green Cities (DLC) Steam Key GLOBAL

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Vendor  Paradox Interactive
Category  Steam
Cities: Skylines Green Cities is an expansion pack to city building and management simulator game developed by the Colossal Order Ltd. The Green Cities expansion provides numerous opportunities to make your cities greener, better, and eco-friendlier in general! New buildings, new pollution prevention systems, new services and in total 350 new assets added to the core game!

Enjoy new eco-friendly buildings, alternative service buildings, electric cars, parks and much more!

Specialize your city zones with new options, and level-up the specializations as go green!

Immerse yourself in 3 new scenarios, choose from 4 new policy options and build an amazing new monument to show your green greatness!

There’s also a new hat for Chirper!
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