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Vendor  Paradox Interactive
Category  Steam
Crusader Kings II: Horse Lords contains an expansion pack to a strategy simulation RPG Crusader Kings II developed by Paradox Development Studios. This expansion focuses on the vast and dynamic Nomadic culture. Saddle up and build your empire from a horseback, take over the legendary Silk Road, control and expand your trade routes through it and be constantly aware about the dangers that comes with it.

Crusader Kings II: Horse Lords features:

• Tarim Basin and large parts of Mongolia added to the world map.
• Radically differently functioning Nomandic government available for steppe cultures.
• 100+ new events and an extra colour and flair!
• Special options for non-nomadic rulers to battle the newly risen Nomandic threat.
• The Silk Road
• New Nomad mercenaries
• Landless raiders, a threat that may appear and harass any region!
• New diplomacy option — Tributary States.
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