Paradox Interactive / Europa Universalis IV - Cradle of Civilization (DLC) Steam Key EUROPE

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Vendor  Paradox Interactive
Category  Steam
Europa Universalis IV: Cradle of Civilization is an expansion pack to the original Europa Universalis IV strategy simulation game developed by Paradox Development Studios.

The Cradle of Civilization expansion features:

• New powerful decisions related to the special government types of the Middle East. As well as new mechanics for the Egyptian Mamluks, Persia, and the heirs to Timur!
• New trade policies will allow you to activate your merchants for special missions that go far from only collecting the money.
• New islamic school options for understanding just how exceptional faith can be. Strong faith will grant you special bonuses as well as numerous diplomatic advantages!
• Your armies will become much more professional with new options to drill and discipline them however you please!
• Exploit your provinces to gain advantage for a quick influx of cash, weight in the well-being of your future in order to get some immediate gain!
• Many more in-game changes that you‘ll only find out by playing!
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